Star Wars The High Republic Review

Star Wars The High Republic Review

The review embargo has lifted for Star Wars: The High Republic today, so I can finally share some overall impressions of the upcoming publishing initiative which showcases a previously unexplored era in the Star Wars universe. Since A) there are individual reviews coming for each of the three books in the near future (Light Of The Jedi by Charles Soule, A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland, and Into The Dark by Claudia Gray) from Coffee With Kenobi and B) I do not wish to spoil anything for eager fans, this will be succinct and to the point: get ready to be blown away.

Each book is fresh, exciting, and authentically Star Wars. This is new terrain for the mythology that offers an invigorating look at familiar territory but with a life and a vibrancy all its own. While it is somewhat reminiscent of the Prequel era (even though it’s about 200 years before The Phantom Menace), with the Jedi at the height of their powers, the seismic shift in how the universe is perceived in and out of the Republic introduces a new series of conflicts, enemies, and challenges for the Jedi, both as an Order, and individually.

As you might expect, each book is beautifully written; it is clear that the collaborative nature of this project has enhanced the creative vision of each storyteller. Without giving away any story elements or plot points, I can say that each story stands alone, while also building upon the groundwork set up in Soule’s brilliant Light of the Jedi (to me, the finest of the first three books). I’m so averse to spoiling even the most minute detail, but Star Wars fans have cause to rejoice. The first three novels of The High Republic deliver in a big way. If you were even the slightest bit uncertain, take a deep breath, because this new era of Star Wars storytelling is even better than you can imagine!

Click here for a free digital chapter sampler of The High Republic

Note: A big thank you to Disney Publishing for sending over advanced copies to review.

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