CWK’s Dan Z Talks to Charles Soule About Marvel’s Poe Dameron Comic Book Series

CWK’s Dan Z Talks to Charles Soule About Marvel’s Poe Dameron Comic Book Series

Over on, Coffee With Kenobi host Dan Z talked to comic book writer Charles Soule about his Poe Dameron series for Marvel. You can read an excerpt from their discussion below:

For the entire run of Charles Soule’s Poe Dameron comic book series, readers have gotten the chance to experience the wit, bravery, and unselfish nature of the best pilot in the Resistance. We also have been introduced to Black Squadron, a muscular Hutt, and a compelling new villain. With a new storyline coming this May, e-mailed with Soule about what makes Poe Dameron unique, his Black Squadron copilots, and why Agent Terex is the perfect foil for the titular character. Ever since fans were introduced to the characters in The Force Awakens, people have been drawn to Poe Dameron. What is it about the character that you find so compelling, and how do you channel that into the Poe Dameron series?

Charles Soule: I won’t lie — writing a swashbuckling expert pilot with charisma for miles won’t ever be a drag. Poe the character brings an energy to his scenes that’s pretty undeniable, like a feedback loop of fun and focus. Now, I know I’m writing about a fictional character as if he’s a real person, making me just the scribe jotting down his adventures as they happen, but sometimes it feels like that. Poe is sort of a force of nature.

You can read the rest of Dan’s interview with Charles Soule on

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