CWK Pour-Over, Your CWK Patreon Exclusive Podcast, is Here!

CWK Pour-Over, Your CWK Patreon Exclusive Podcast, is Here!

Great news! Our CWK Patreon exclusive show has a revised name and logo, CWK Pour-Over! With ten shows currently available, we figured it was time to give this innovative new show a name that best encapsulates what you have access to via our Patreon page.

For just $5.00 a month, you can listen to CWK Pour-Over, featuring Dan Z, CWK Co-Creator Cory Clubb, and CWK Newsman Tom Gross. The three bring their own unique brand of analysis and humor to a number of Star Wars topics not heard on Coffee With Kenobi, as well as myriad other conversation pieces, including film, television, animation, superheroes, and anything else the trio comes up with during these thirty minute Patreon podcasts.

Here’s a list of the shows currently available to contributors at the CWK Family Level:

CWK Pour-Over Premiere Show

CWK Pour-Over: “The Millennium Falcon is not a Character!”

CWK Pour-Over: Infinity War Review

CWK Pour-Over: Superheroes & Comics

CWK Pour-Over: Reactions Videos, The Meg, and your Star Wars Name

CWK Pour-Over: Ranking the Marvel Movies & Killmonger or Thanos

CWK Pour-Over: Thanos, Fandoms We Don’t Get Into, and Harry Potter

CWK Pour-Over: Instant Solo Spoiler Reaction Show

CWK Pour-Over: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Godzilla, and Zombies … Oh, My!

CWK Pour-Over: Moral Ambiguity, Favorite Heroes (Both Fiction and Non-Fiction), and the Four People You Want to have Dinner With

Sign up now and join us for a pot of coffee on CWK Pour-Over!



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