You Can Help Starlight Children’s Foundation Help Kids in Need! Find Out How

You Can Help Starlight Children’s Foundation Help Kids in Need! Find Out How

The good people at Starlight Children’s Foundation could use your help in providing comfort and care to hospitalized children in need. Summer is a tough time for charitable organizations, which makes it an important time for those who are able to step up and lend a hand.

Please read this message from Starlight:

School’s out and summer is heating up.

For many of us, that means cook-outs, pool parties, and camping trips.

But thousands upon thousands of hospitalized kids all across America are missing out on summer fun and family time.

That’s why demand for Starlight Gowns, Starlight Fun Centers, and other Starlight programs is at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, we tend to see a drop-off this time of year in the grassroots donations that enable us to provide all those amazing Starlight programs for free to kids who need them.

So I’m hoping you can do me — and, more importantly, the kids we serve — a favor and donate today or even join our Monthly Giving Team.

Make a one-time donation to help us stay on track.

Or become a monthly donor today.

Either way, you’ll be making a difference for hospitalized kids.

For a first hand account of the difference Starlight can make in a kid’s life, you can read this blog by the host of Coffee With Kenobi’s Rebels Reactions, Aaron Harris.

Thank you for considering how you can best help kids when they need it most!

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