Yogibo Announces Star Wars Themed Home Decor and Furniture Collection Launching in November

Yogibo Announces Star Wars Themed Home Decor and Furniture Collection Launching in November

Yogibo, a worldwide retailer and designer of next generation furniture and contemporary home decor, is excited to announce an amazing collaboration with Star Wars . The Star Wars themed collection, which features over 40 individual products, will debut a furniture collection on November 15th, and will expand to include a wider assortment of home decor and additional furniture on December 5th.

Yogibo will launch a complete line of their one-of-a-kind patented furniture, lifestyle accessories, and plush made with their signature fabric featuring both Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire themed collections. Highlights of the collection include furniture designs inspired by an assortment of characters and iconography including Rebel Pilots and Emperor Palpatine’s throne, an ergonomic travel pillow with built-in sleep mask with wink-and-nods to a Rebel Pilot’s helmet, a Death Star shaped YogaBo, and the first phase of plush Yogibo Mates based on characters such as the lovable R2-D2, the brave Ewok, Wicket W. Warrick, and everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca. The company will also launch a line of Star Wars Squeezibos, their next generation of stress balls, only available for sale at Yogibo retail stores.

“We’re super excited to collaborate with Star Wars for this amazing collection,” said Eyal Levy, Yogibo CEO. “Like millions around the world, the Star Wars films are some of my favorites, so this is an incredible honor and very exciting. For ten years, we’ve been a leading brand for bean bags and comfort products, and with these new designs, I’m positive we’re going to appeal to many new audiences.

Yogibo furniture has zero pressure points, is machine washable, and mold to the user’s body type without compression. Yogibo’s accessories are designed to be multi-purpose, utilizing the same fabric as their furniture.

Launching November 15

Launching December 5

To view the entire collection and be notified when the collection is available for purchase, please visit starwars.yogibo.com.

To learn more about Yogibo, visit www.yogibo.com

Thank you to Disney and Yogibo for the press release and images.

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