YODA’S HOUSE OF PANCAKES–May the 4th Be With You

YODA’S HOUSE OF PANCAKES–May the 4th Be With You

yoda pancakes

If you are reading this blog then there is a fairly high probability that you are already aware that May 4th has become an unofficial holiday. Star Wars Day–May the 4th be with you–has been building up steam for the past few years, to the point where it has garnered attention outside of fan circles and into the mainstream consciousness. It has become so popular, it seems, that the celebration has turned into a week long extravaganza.

It began on Tuesday, April 29th. What an interesting moment that was; I will forever remember what I was doing when the full cast of Star Wars Episode VII was revealed. I was on break at work (I am a Blackjack Dealer) and I grabbed my phone from my locker to check my Facebook updates. The news was all over my timeline, and as I sat there reading the names, my body was overcome with excitement. I haven’t been so excited about a cast list since the reveal of the actors in Episode I, back in 1998.

For what it’s worth–and that’s not a lot–here are my predictions for the characters each of the new actors will play:

Max von Sydow: The Star Wars movies are littered with really old guys playing villains, and I doubt the new film will be any different. I expect von Sydow is a Sith Lord or the leader of some other Force sensitive, lightsaber wielding sect of ne’er-do-wells hellbent on dominating the galaxy. Bonus points if his character is named Darth Pazuzu.

John Boyega: I’m getting Jedi vibes from this guy. Don’t be surprised to see him wearing a tunic.

Adam Driver: He looks like a bad guy to me. Maybe we will see him play a faithful servant to Darth Pazuzu.

Oscar Isaac: This guy has scoundrel written all over him. A jaded anti-hero, he uses his quick wits and charming smile to escape any situation and make the ladies swoon while doing so. Han Solo will approve.

Andy Serkis: I have no idea what type of character Mr. Serkis will play, but I’m positive that it will be alien in appearance, and the whole thing will be motioned-captured.

Daisy Ridley: Twenty bucks says that she is Leia’s daughter. Seriously, google her image and tell me straightfaced that she is not carrying Naberrie genes.

Domhnall Gleeson: This is obviously a character with claims to the Skywalker lineage. Is he the son of Luke, or Leia? Only time will tell…

Isn’t speculation fun?


When my favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, announced that they were having a Star Wars weekend, I was ecstatic. Two of the things I love were combined together into one epic event, and I had to make sure I got a ticket. I would have loved to go all three days, but Blackjack dealers tend to work on weekends. I was lucky enough to have off Friday, May 2nd, so I went down to the ballpark and enjoyed the festivities. Members of the 501st were there, and the Reds mascots were all garbed in Jedi gear.


Darth Vader threw out the first pitch and later fought Mr. Red in an epic battle for control of the galaxy (or something like that.) After the game (unfortunately the Reds lost) we were treated to a half hour fireworks show accompanied by John Williams scores.

I had to work on the actual Star Wars Day, but I made sure when I got home that the family watched A New Hope before turning in.

Did you celebrate Star Wars day this year? If so, tell me what you did in the comments below.

May the Force (and the 4th) be with you, always.


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  1. Lisa
    June 10, 2014 at 18:07 Reply

    I spent the whole day watching the Star Wars Saga. While doing so, I paged through both the Prequel and OT editions of ‘Star Wars Chronicles.’ I love those books! Must-haves for anyone who loves all the behind-the-scenes stuff. 🙂

    “Darth Pazuzu” – Make it so! 😉

  2. Aaron Harris
    June 10, 2014 at 22:11 Reply

    I spent May the 4th at Hollywood Studios in Orlando with my family, my friend Robbie and his family as well! It was a wonderful time, which included the new Rebels trailer and taking my daughter on Star Tours for the first time! A Force filled day indeed! Loved the blog!

  3. Jay Krebs
    June 11, 2014 at 11:35 Reply


    The only SW-related things I got to do on May 4 was watch ESB, and troll the Internet a bit. I did have bigger plans, but those fell through…It was a Sunday, and unfortunately, I had loads of housework on which to catch up. Alas, the life of a working mom! At least I got to do SOMETHING SW-related! 🙂

    Awesome predictions!!

    Speculation is fun – it’s part of what I love about this new chapter in the SW saga. Although we don’t want to be sucked in by rumors, etc., it’s almost like shaking that box under the Christmas tree and wondering what’s inside before we unwrap it! You’re so right about that Naberrie similarity! I’m trying to stay on top of the news regarding SW EPVII, but I’m also keeping things kind of at arm’s length, because I despise spoilers. It’s unfortunate to me that so many people want to know beforehand about everything. It’s like opening that present before the big day. The fun is gone, and there’s nothing else to look forward to! I guess it’s our “get-it-now” society as a whole. Sad, it makes me (in my best Yoda voice)!

  4. Melinda
    June 22, 2014 at 14:56 Reply

    James, this was an absolutely fun read!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

    While I enjoyed your musings as to what (type of) character each announced actor/actress will play in the upcoming Episode VII film, what I really liked was reading about the special baseball game you attended. 🙂 Awesome!!! 😀 How super that you got to go to at least one of the games!

    Yes, sometimes real life steps in to keep us from doing everything we’d like, but it sounds like you celebrated with style — and had loads of fun. 😀

    MTFBWY 🙂

  5. Becca Benjamin
    July 12, 2014 at 14:39 Reply

    Happy Belated Fourths to you too, YHOP 🙂

    Awesome, AWESOME speculations my friend. My favorite is the one on Miss Daisy 😉 Naberrie genes, indeed.

    Oh, BTW love your pics too. Hope all is well and great job on your recent endeavor with Salacious Crumb himself!

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