Winding Down With Williams II (65)

Winding Down With Williams II (65)

Welcome to the second ‘Winding Down With Williams’ with Rob Wainfur from The Bearded Trio website. Enjoy 30 relaxing minutes as Rob plays you some of the finest fan renditions of classic tracks from John Williams.
In this episode we bring you music from:

PianoMusicLovr from Youtube who brings us Fawkes the Phoenix from Harry Potter and from Hook, When You’re Alone –
-The talented ladies, Camille and Kennedy play the harp and their versions of Harry Potter and Return of the Jedi
-Talented musician, Didier Martini brings us Marion’s Theme from Indiana Jones and the classic theme from E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.
-Finally we have a moving and incredibly relaxing rendition of the Jurassic Park theme played on the Weisserborn instrument expertly played by huge John Williams fan, Thomas Oliver

Listen to the Show here!

Catch up with the first episode of ‘Winding Down With Williams’ here.
Sit back and relax and let the magic of John Williams unwind you.
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