[VIDEO] Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel at Terrificon with Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, with Host Ryder Windham

[VIDEO] Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel at Terrificon with Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, with Host Ryder Windham

Connecticut’s biggest comic-con, Terrificon, took place August 17 – 19, and one of the highlights was a panel featuring Roy Thomas (comic book writer and editor) and Howard Chaykin (comic book writer and artist), both of whom had a hand in the early days of Marvel’s Star Wars comics. The panel was hosted by noted Star Wars author Ryder Windham. Also present was Charles Lippincott, the publicity supervisor for Star Wars: A New Hope.

You can watch the panel in its entirety below:

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel at Terrificon with Roy Thomas Howard Chaykin and Charlie Lippincott hosted by Ryder Windham

Roy Thomas (born November 22, 1940) is a comic book writer and editor. He wrote the comic adaptation for A New Hope, and was one of the first to contribute to the Expanded Universe as he wrote the subsequent stories in Marvel Star Wars comic series, but only stayed on for a total run of ten issues. Thomas began in the comics industry in 1965 when he started working as an assistant editor at DC Comics. But he didn’t last long at DC as just eight days later he accepted a job at Marvel Comics as writer and editor. In 1972 Thomas succeeded Stan Lee as editor-in-chief of Marvel while he continued to write many of Marvel’s top titles at the time. He was instrumental in bringing the Star Wars franchise to Marvel, which in turn almost single-handedly saved Marvel from bankruptcy. He currently lives in South Carolina, editing the comic book fanzine Alter Ego. Thomas had the distinction of creating the notorious character of Jaxxon alongside Howard Chaykin, and of popularizing the term “retroactive continuty” (later shortened to “retcon”) in 1983.

Howard V. Chaykin (born October 7, 1950 in Newark, New Jersey) is a comic book writer and artist. He illustrated the first ten issues of the Marvel Star Wars comics series. His earliest works were science fiction and fantasy-related titles in the early 1970s for DC Comics. Although his work on the Star Wars series was a major success, Chaykin is perhaps best known for the series he created in 1983 called American Flagg, a comic with more mature themes than most mainstream titles were depicting at the time. He is also the artist who drew the very first advance Star Wars poster.

Charles Lippincott was the advertising publicity supervisor on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

He publicized the film at science fiction conventions in the winter of 1976. Although Star Wars was a initially a tough sell on other fronts, Lippincot felt convention-goers “really got off on it. They felt liked, they were being accepted into something. And they loved the idea that they were the first to know.”

Ryder Windham is the author of over fifty Star Wars books. He was also an editor of Star Wars comics for Dark Horse Comics.

Windham was referred to as “without doubt Dark Horse’s pre-eminent Star Wars editor” in a Dark Horse comics interview from the mid-90s, and was the editorial Force behind the Dark Empire II miniseries.

He was also said to have overseen the Dark Horse series Heir to the Empire, Jabba the Hutt, River of Chaos, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, Shadow of the Empire, and issues of Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (which were all also credited as being edited by various other editors at Dark Horse in the books themselves). Windham also edited and wrote scripts for Star Wars: Droids released by Dark Horse. Windham worked closely at the time with Allan Kausch and Sue Rostoni at Lucas Licensing to maintain continuity between the comics, books and other Star Wars properties.

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