Star_Wars_Vader_Down_1_Cover With more than a million copies sold for its debut issue, Marvel’s flagship Star Wars comic title is critical and consumer fave. So, too, is the Star Wars: Darth Vader title and readers, dedicated and casual, have cited how both books tend to blend with each other seamlessly.

Come November, that close cooperation takes the next step in the form of a crossover that, like the Force, will bind everything together.

Announced July 11 at San Diego Comic Con by Marvel, the event – dubbed Vader Down — starts with a single issue bearing the same name before explodin into the pages of Star Wars and Darth Vader. In the story, Vader has crashed on a planet and the Rebellion sees an opportunity to find him and take him out, defeating the Empire’s very visible avatar of evil and malfeasance.

While we know how it ends, ultimately, Marvel says the tale is rife with adventure, intrigue and emotion. Things no Jedi would seek but a Sith lord seeks out!


Matt Moore has been perpetrating journalism since 1985, reveling in Star Wars since 1977 and reading comics since 1974.

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