The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary Review

The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary Review


With the release of The Force Awakens on December 18th we were not only treated to a wonderfully amazing film but also a full cavalcade of literature as well. From story books such as Before the Awakening, to massively beautiful pieces like The Art of The Force Awakens and the chock full of information The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary. Let’s take a deep dive, shall we!

Written by the Lucasfilm Story Group’s own Pablo Hidalgo, The Force Awakens The Visual Dictionary from DK Publishing, seeks to flesh out some of the unanswered questions stemming from the film and giving some more information on the locations and characters there within. The book goes through, in detail, giving background to key elements of characters, weapons and Items, organizations and locations.

The layout and art direction of the book is great, with the images appearing so crystal clear as if they were jumping off the page. Each focus lets you truly study the detail of every nook an cranny, not unlike a great English Muffin! All of the main characters get multiple images on their pages, usually featuring different costumes to showcase the changes they go through over the course of the film. My favorite little tid-bit is a focus on Han Solo’s jacket on Leia’s character page that says, “New Jacket – though Leia didn’t notice.”

One of the best things about the dictionary is that it gives us more detail on the background characters and organizations we otherwise would not know. Did you know that Captain Phasma’s armor was made of the hull of Emperor Palpatine’s Naboo Yacht? What about that Lor San Tekka has been a galactic traveler since before the Clone Wars and was a member of The Church of The Force? Little things like that that might not add too much to the overall plot or story line but they do give fans neat pieces of information that flesh out details to satiate our hunger for Star Wars knowledge!

One thing that seems to be missing is any feature on Supreme Leader Snoke. While I understand this is to preserve story details to be revealed in future films or other media, I’m sure at least an image of him from the film wouldn’t have hurt. Other than that one minor nitpick, I can not recommend this book enough! Pablo’s writing is superb, the presentation on every page is outstanding, and it is loaded with information to accentuate the the wonderful scenes featured in the film.

Have you got your own copy of The Visual Dictionary? What’s your favorite little nugget of trivia from it? Are you going to be running out to the store to get your own copy now? Let us know in the comments or you can share your thoughts on twitter at @mike_audette or via email!

You can purchase your copy of The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary here.

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