The Conveyex Scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Conveyex Scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Although Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t perform as well as many had hoped at the box office, I am very fascinated by this movie. The new characters, environments, and story elements detailing Han Solo’s early life keep bringing me back to Solo time-after-time. My favorite scene from Solo is when Han, Chewbacca, and Beckett and his crew attempt a robbery of the conveyex on Vandor. In this blog, I’m going to detail why the conveyex scene is my favorite from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Conveyex Scene - Solo - Range Troopers

Range Troopers

I am something of a Star Wars collector. Recently, I found that properly displaying everything in my collection is an issue. Size in my office is limited. So, I downsized some in the past few years. With each new Star Wars film, I limit myself to one or two action figures. For instance, with The Force Awakens I chose Kylo Ren and the flametrooper. Characters that have helmets are some of my favorites.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I chose the range trooper from Solo. I love the updated look of the classic stormtrooper. The range trooper is a combination of the clone trooper armor from the prequels and the snowtrooper armor from The Empire Strikes Back with a few additional elements. It just works. It was a must add for my collection.

Unfortunately, the ranger troopers had a very minor role in this scene and the movie overall. Even with limited screen time, the contributed to the world building of the film by displaying additional diversity among the Empire’s soldiers. Plus, their magnetic boots were just cool.

The Train Heist

In many respects, Solo has the feel of an old western. The film is full of outlaws and scoundrels. There is also a pivotal gambling scene. However, the scene that seems the most out of a western is the conveyex scene. Granted, Beckett’s plan wasn’t just the theft of cargo. He was stealing an entire box car, so to speak.

It might seem like a stretch, but the AT-Hauler stood in for Han and Beckett’s horses. The previously mentioned range troopers were the law. They were backed up by the sentry droids. Val even had explosives at the ready, so they could make good on their escape. Han and Chewbacca’s job was decoupling the storage car they needed. In many ways, the conveyex scene was a science fiction love letter to the old western.

Enfys Nest on the Conveyex - Solo A Star Wars Story

Enfys Nest Introduced

If I were to get another action figure from Solo, Enfys Nest is it. The conveyex heist officially introduced her in the film. She and her Cloud-Riders made a dramatic entrance. Just as Beckett, Han, and the rest of the crew get a handle on the conveyex job, they arrive. They charge in on their swoop bikes. The tension raises tenfold.

Plus, Enfys Nest has incredible armor. It is a blend of classic Star Wars style with native themes. She complements her look with incredible martial arts skill. Beckett has no choice but to defend himself from her onslaught. His blaster fire is easily deflected from the Beskar armor plates Enfys Nest has mounted on her wrists. Then there is her electroripper staff. Enfys repels enemies with it and uses it to slice through the coupling Beckett’s crew hooked up between the conveyex and the AT-Hauler. The conveyex scene marks an incredible debut for this character. There is no doubt she is a force to be reckoned with.

Beckett’s Crew in Action

Although the conveyex scene isn’t the introduction of Beckett and his crew, it gives Beckett’s crew their most significant action. Beckett, Han, and Chewbacca all get significant screen time in the rest of the movie. However, Val and Rio conclude their participation with this scene. Val oversaw sabotaging the bridge. Meanwhile, Rio was flying the hauler. If it weren’t for the arrival of the Cloud-Riders, then they both might have survived.

Val proved herself proficient with explosives and as an expert shot with the blaster. Rio was a capable pilot. The odds shifted against them when the Cloud-Riders boarded the AT-Hauler and the Viper probe droids activated. Rio held his own until taking a shot in the back. When the AT-Hauler started veering wildly, Beckett knew he was in trouble. It was also a sign of how much Beckett cared for his crew. Beckett knew right away that Rio wasn’t okay. In his final moments, Rio passed on a little wisdom to Han: don’t die alone.

Similarly, Val’s sacrifice emotionally rocked Beckett. The prior scene established they were more than just partners. They had a relationship and future plans. The conveyex scene adds so much emotional weight and motivation to Beckett’s future actions in Solo.

Rio Durant - piloting the AT-Hauler while raiding the conveyex

Concluding Thoughts on the Conveyex Scene

There is so much to love about the conveyex scene in Solo. In addition to all the aforementioned things, it gave Star Wars audiences Chewbacca in goggles. That may seem like a minor detail, but Chewbacca has very little variation in his appearance. It also provided Chewbacca further reasons for honoring a “life debt” to Han Solo. Just when Chewbacca faced a grisly demise, Han leapt to his rescue and helped prevent Chewbacca colliding with a rock. Finally, this scene demonstrated many aspects of Han’s character. Han was loyal, comforting, and quick thinking. There is a lot to take from the conveyex scene. This is why it is my favorite part of Solo.

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  1. Melinda W
    November 27, 2018 at 08:08 Reply

    You’re right, Dennis! It is a fantastic scene!

    I am so glad you mentioned my favorite character among some of your favorite aspects of this scene. If you are thinking Enfys Nest, you would be right. Although I liked many of the characters from the movie, she tops the bill. I think it has to do with her surprising reveal near the end … not to mention that her actions are spurred by her desire to help those who need help as well as to defeat the Empire. Those fighting for right and justice always capture my heart. 🙂

    Of all the Star Wars films to date, I think “Solo” best captures the essence of the American western, one of my favorite film genres? (Did you read the excellent interview with the Kasdans that premiered on the website in the spring [I believe]? It was a great article, and the father/son writing team expound on their intention to breathe some western flair into “Solo”.) You can see it everywhere in “Solo”. The (almost) gunfight scene on Savareen (between Beckett and Han vs. Enfys Nest and crew) is but one clear example. The camera angles are right out of a classic western film or TV show of the late ’50s and ’60s. Can’t you just see Marshall Matt Dillon walking out onto the dusty street in Dodge City (“Gunsmoke”) to defend his beloved town?

    Fun read, Dennis. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on what is a great chapter in the Star Wars Saga.

    MTFBWY 🙂

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