National Geographic Books, the Bearded Trio, and Coffee With Kenobi have teamed up for a very exciting contest. Two winners will receive a copy of the new book Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind The Saga This 160 page, full-color book explores the science behind the Star Wars Saga with meticulous detail.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… three worlds collided. Angry Birds, Star Wars, and National Geographic united to take their fans on a galactic mission to uncover the true stories, inventions, and unbelievable science behind the science fiction. Discover how art imitates life by exploring the discovery of Kepler 16b, a real Tatooine planet; understand how a hovercraft works and how it resembles the landspeeder; find out how close we are to creating a real-life lightsaber. A bonus chapter takes this stellar adventure one step further to reveal never-before-published information about the characters, planets, and technology at work in the Angry Birds Star Wars II game! Join your favorite Angry Birds Star Wars characters on their galactic mission!

To enter the contest, simply go to Twitter and tweet the message:

Sign me up for #AngryBirds #StarWars The Science Behind the Saga thanks to @thebearedtrio @coffeewithkenobi and @natgeobooks

The contest will run for two weeks, and The Bearded Trio will randomly select two winners to win a copy of Angry Birds Star Wars: The Science Behind the Saga. The winners will be chosen on Saturday, October 5th, and will be notified via email. Thanks to National Geographic Books and The Bearded Trio for bringing this exciting opportunity to our listeners!

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