That’s It, The Rebels Are There

That’s It, The Rebels Are There

#starwarscanon – That’s It, The Rebels Are There

Please note: This article contains spoilers for Star Wars Rebels, Marvel Comics’ Star Wars Issue #005, and Lost Stars.

As the Star Wars canon continues to grow, so do themes and recurring plot points. Through the films we are introduced to the conflict between good and evil, the value of family and faith, victory against overwhelming odds. Yet, through the canon, recurring plots points are coming into existence that were not as obvious in the films (or non-existent) but have an impact in our understanding of the films themselves. As much as Darth Vader was looking for the rebels in both Episode IV: A New Hope and V: The Empire Strikes Back, one recurring device in the Star Wars canon is the rebel’s search for a suitable location for a base. Let’s briefly take a look at some instances of this plot thread and its implication on the Star Wars canon.

Rebels Chopper Base

The Mystery of Chopper Base

The earliest such instance of these searches takes place in the time of Star Wars Rebels. The crew of the Ghost spent several episodes scouting out various planets to try to locate a suitable place for their rebel cell to set up a base of operations. With the help of Chopper and his new friend, AP-5, they were able to locate and establish such a base on the planet Atollon.

We know that Dantooine was utilized as a rebel base, based on dialogue from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, as well as Thane Kyrell’s report in Lost Stars, which is part of the same investigation of that planet referred to in the film.

Marvel Star Wars 005

Marvel Comics – Star Wars #005

Marvel Comic’s Star Wars, Issue #005 shows Han and Leia on a mission to find a new base after they were discovered on Yavin IV. Against the might of the Empire, the Rebellion is struggling to keep its fleet mobile, and they feel they cannot be truly effective until they have a solid base of operations. Like in Star Wars Rebels, there is a great amount of energy spent on obtaining resources, such as fuel and medical supplies, to keep the Rebellion alive.

Though Thane Kyrell was not on a mission to find a new rebel base, Lost Stars briefly continues this plot device when he visits D’Qar looking for hidden Imperial supply yards. Thayne thinks to himself that he should remember this location as a potential future base, which was later realized when the Resistance set up shop on D’Qar prior to Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Lost Stars Cover

Lost Stars

When watching the original trilogy of films, the quest for a rebel base was not an on-screen topic of discussion. Based on the knowledge of Dantooine, Yavin IV, and Hoth, one can only presume that they moved often, but these canon stories confirm the constant quest for a safe base. Star Wars films tend to start in medias res of its immediate story, but the films stories are in medias res of the overall story of the rebellion and the Star Wars galaxy.

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