Successful ‘Force for Change’ Day at the West Hempstead School District!

Successful ‘Force for Change’ Day at the West Hempstead School District!


Last week, we posted about a raffle based on the Star Wars: Force For Change initiative. Students of the West Hempstead School District wanted to raise funds that would enable them to help out their school and their community, using Star Wars as their theme! Appropriate, right? 😉

Here’s a look at the fruits of their endeavor:

• Over 300 students, faculty, and staff members signed a giant poster!
• They raised $851 from the raffle, and all the proceeds will go directly to helping families in Island Park and West Hempstead through the holiday season.
• More teachers mentioned that they used “force” in the classrooms. The entire science department, media class and several English classes, along with an assortment of mathematics classes, incorporated the theme into their lessons.
• Scores of students loved the photo section and the event as a whole.

Here are some images from the Force for Change event:

So great to see young people enthusiastic about being a force for good in their communities — and using Star Wars to aid their efforts! Master Yoda would be proud.

Thank you to Harry Loizides.

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