Since today is my wedding anniversary I thought it would be a good time to finally interview my favorite Star Wars fan: my wife Jana. Before we met, Jana had never seen a Star Wars movie. She didn’t know a Solo from a Skywalker or an astromech from a protocol droid, but since marrying me she hasn’t been able to escape the saga. Now she will discuss the intricacies of the Force, why Luke’s story arc makes perfect sense, and why she sometimes cheers for the bad guys. She’s been to two Star Wars Celebrations, regularly wears Star Wars apparel, builds Star Wars Lego sets with our kids, and has made the Star Wars galaxy a much better and more positive place. So let’s find out what my wife likes about and has learned from Star Wars.

Ryder: Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
Jana: Emperor Palpatine. He has the best lines, the best voice, the best face (after it was fried) in all of Star Wars. And I see no good in him. He’s a terrible person and doesn’t feel bad about it. He’s not conflicted at all.

What is your favorite Palpatine line?
So be it, Jedi.

If you could fight alongside anyone in Star Wars who would it be?
Kylo Ren, because he is the brooding bad boy. Even if Rey defeats us, it will be worth it. I’m not sure if I want to make out with Kylo or mother him. It’s a weird mixture of feelings I have for him.

Did you marry me because I am a brooding bad boy?
No. I married you because you are a brooding good boy.

While you and Kylo are fighting against the Resistance, what color would your lightsaber be?
I would want a rose gold hilt and the blade color would change with my mood.

So you want to be in style and versatile while you kill good guys?
I don’t want to kill good guys. I just want to get next to Kylo.

I don’t like where this interview is going.
I know.

Let’s move on. What has been your best Star Wars experience?
Seeing the new movies in the theater with our kids. My least favorite Star Wars experience was seeing Revenge of the Sith at midnight when I felt like I was 10 months pregnant, and I think I fell asleep a few times.

What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
The Force Awakens. I was so young when the originals came out that I only remember seeing them as an adult and, while they are a great story, they feel dated to me. But with the passion you have for Star Wars I was excited about the new movies and loved the story and sharing it as a family. Rogue One is a close second and would have been my favorite, but there weren’t enough lightsabers for me. And The Force Awakens had more of a connection to the classic trilogy, in my opinion.

What is your favorite lesson or theme from Star Wars?
Failing is okay. It’s part of learning and growing, if you actually learn and grow from it, rather than having shame (not just guilt) and not being able to move past it. Another common theme I like is that no one is entirely good or entirely evil. There is inner conflict in many characters. People (and occasionally aliens in this case) are a varying mix of both, except for that dark soul Palpatine. Of course, I don’t know his entire story so there may have been a small light in his soul at some point.

Many fans would say that Star Wars changed their lives in some way. How has Star Wars changed your life?
It has really enriched, shaped, and influenced your life and I chose to spend my life with you. (You’ve probably even written a blog about it.) It’s something cool to watch as a family and it really brings us together. Also, our house is full of Star Wars action figures and lightsabers that I occasionally step on and let out some swears.

Porgs have been a really popular new Star Wars creature since the release of The Last Jedi. Would you eat a porg?
I would eat anything with buffalo sauce, but not while his/her friends were watching.

Happy anniversary to my amazing wife Jana! She completely supports my Star Wars fandom and makes it so much fun for our family. We don’t always agree on all aspects of Star Wars, but we have fun in our debates. She still doesn’t love the prequel trilogy, but every marriage has rough spots and we are working through this one. And apparently I need to wear more black.

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  1. Melinda
    February 16, 2018 at 08:54 Reply

    First, Ryder, happy [belated] anniversary to you and Jana. 🙂

    Second, this article was a hoot to read! I don’t know if it was both your and Jana’s intent, but I laughed pretty much throughout my reading. Thank you for giving me such a fun, funny, full of laughter start to my day! [How I missed this post earlier this month … albeit not all that long ago 😉 … I do not know! 😉 ] I can well imagine the two of you are well-suited to each other. Isn’t it fun to be married to someone who embraces Star Wars with so much aplomb and vigor [although I question Jana’s affinity for Emperor Palpatine 😉 ]? I am in the same boat as you … although I will say it didn’t take me being such a HUGE Star Wars fan to bring Tom into the fold of our favorite movie franchise. He got there all on his own [although everyone in our family knows his fandom is not quite on the same level as mine; we have to have some differences, n’est-ce pas? 😉 ].

    An absolutely fun read, Ryder! Thank you — and Jana, too — for sharing this with us. 🙂

    MTFBWY 🙂

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