Star Wars – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Star Wars – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Oh the Holidays are upon us once again, bringing joy and togetherness to all of us at one with the Force. It is a time for family, friends, parties, and presents. Of course, there is always that debate on whether it is better to give than receive. I for one, vote for receive. As Star Wars Fans we have been given so many gifts over the past 37 years from our beloved Galaxy (37, really?). I love Star Wars presents! Think about how much Star Wars really means to you and what we as fans have been given.

Just a few days ago for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING – we got our “The Force Awakens” trailer that blew up the internet the right way and has close to 40 million views in just a few days. This blog, I’m not going to go into a full review on how awesome I feel that trailer is. Fine, three things – New Troopers, Cross Guard Lightsaber, and the Falcon baby! I am very excited. Just a few days ago, I wrapped up the DVR’d last episode of the mid-season of Rebels – which was another great gift for 2014. I am so in love with that show. As a big McQuarrie fan, I am just amazed at all of the inspiration and the respect being paid to RMcQ and his designing of our precious Galaxy. Again, I’m not going to go on a full review of Rebels’ awesomeness this blog. Fine, three things for mid-season – Inquisitor’s lightsaber, Ezra’s mind control over that big gnarly beast, and the fact it’s new Star Wars and I like it! For the record, I like all Star Wars.

Now we can take it back, back to a simpler time. Summer 1977, the world changed. I think we know what happened then, right? I’m not going into that. Fine, three things – Landspeeder, TIE Fighter screams, and Obi-Wan/Vader duel! How about the night of November 17, 1978 (my dad’s birthday)? Now that was special. You might say it was a “Holiday Special”.

Holiday special
Oh, this was a gift to me. Many people hate it, and they can if that’s what they want to do. I could easily name more than three things I love about the Holiday Special. Fine, one thing – BOBA FETT!!! The HS introduced us to everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter. You can’t argue with that.

***Fresh Get for me – Holiday Special Boba Fett Disney Vinylmation 1500 Pc Ltd Ed – Sold Out in no time***


I could go on and on about the gifts we as Star Wars Fans have received over the years. Aside from the movies, the cartoons, the caravans full of courage, the toys (um, I mean collectibles), Rose Parade floats (which Brandy and I worked on!), conventions, and everything in between – we have been given a connection and a family. Earlier I mentioned that I love to receive presents. That is what this blog is about really. The cool stuff I have been given over the years and the special people that give it to me.

Everyone I work with knows that I am a Star Wars fan. Heck, during Safety Training I show them Comic Con pictures and regale them with tales of my Geekdom. I encourage that fact that I will give any and all Star Wars a good home in my collection. It is not at all uncommon that I will get to my desk in the morning and there will be a Star Wars gift of some sort, left anonymously. No it’s not a secret admirer. It is several people that when out on their adventures see something Star Wars and think of me. That means the world to me. I have been given everything from books, video games, posters, toys, food boxes, ROTS Darth Vader DVD Display, R2-D2 earbuds, and Tatooine Hot Sauce (those two were recently). The next part of this is insane. My dear friend Lola ran across an Empire Strikes Back action figure carrying case, full of figures, in her house. I told her that I could take a look at them and let her know what it was worth if she was interested in selling them. It was the day before my birthday when she brought them into work. The ESB case, the figures, oh my face lit up. She dropped them off then came back later. She had spoken with her daughter who told her to just give them to me for my birthday. Lola thought that was a great idea. So she did! I told myself I would not get into collecting vintage figures. Well, needless to say I was given an instant collection that day. That same year another friend sold me (a gift nonetheless) a box of vintage figures for $27 – it was all I had. They were pretty hammered, but again all Star Wars gets a home. For a guy that didn’t collect vintage figures, I sure have a lot of vintage figures. Thank you to all of my friends that have been so generous.

***The ROTS Darth Vader Display – turned bookcase***


***The first Vintage collection from Lola and how much Vintage I had after the second box***

332320_255791727809152_1585881953_o 341196_392983234090000_528286766_o (1)

OK, so I’ve been part of giving too. When CWK’s own Dan Z. got married, I along with some of his secondary Geek family all chipped in and got them the 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Hasbro “Lost Packaging” set with Exclusive Jar Jar in Carbonite. Brandy hated that Jar Jar figure. What can I say? She loves him. We’ve seen the actual Jar Jar in Carbonite that was presented to George Lucas by the 501st. Oh, the tour of the Presidio, Big Rock Ranch, and Skywalker Ranch thanks to my cousin. I can’t get into that for sure, maybe for another blog though??? Fine, three things – Charlie Chaplin’s cane, the Tomato/Kale soup from the Big Rock Ranch Cafeteria, and taking a lot of toilet paper as a souvenir from Skywalker Ranch!

***The Z’s Wedding Gift (mine is the open one)***

195913_10100845607552710_420732329_n 1450125_754453064609680_1577766398896530288_n









***Gifts from my cousin, former Lucasfilm employee, that adorned her desk ***


***I know you wanted to see it – Skywalker Ranch toilet paper (yes, it’s laminated and I got it from the ladies room)***

2014-12-02 20.55.35

Now I couldn’t close without a mention to one of the most generous gift givers in the Galaxy. When I first met her, it was a decade ago (again, really?) on the old Star Wars blogs and message boards. That is where the majority of us here at Coffee with Kenobi met. I met her in person at Celebration IV. She gave us a Dagoba bar while we waited in line for the One Man Star Wars show. She is a special Jedi that has this talent for writing so eloquent, so thought-provoking, and so passionate. She would hold these drawings for absolute prizes of coolness. No cost to anyone, just her generosity. She has raised money for friends, but never once harassed anyone for it. She just wanted to offer you the chance to be as awesome as she is. One time we all chipped in and got her a Luke statue that she had always admired at her local shop. The store was closing, if I recall correctly. We arranged with the owner payment and delivery. I know that meant a lot to her. Many of us can attest to getting a package, out of the blue, and inside would be a Star Wars care package, a wonderful HANDWRITTEN letter, and an overwhelming sense of her amazingness. She still does all of this to this day. I call her Saint Melinda. From all of us, Thank you.

Is there any better gift than friends?

So my friends, I wish you all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season and New Year and of course – May the Force Be With You…Always

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  1. Melinda
    December 4, 2014 at 10:09 Reply

    Troy, I have more than 3 comments to make about this blog of yours…

    (1) It was FANTASTIC! 😀

    (2) Finally — someone admits to LIKING TO RECEIVE! (I know how generous you are, and I bet your heart swells MORE when you give than when you receive. 🙂 )

    (3) I burst out laughing when you shared the tale — and showed for all of us to see — the laminated toilet paper from Skywalker Ranch. (Thank you for that gift of laughter. 🙂 ) You didn’t mention who your accomplice was. lol A picture is worth 1,000 words to be sure! lol

    (4) That is SO COOL what you did with the ROTS DV display! Awesome!!! 😀

    (5) Toys … collectibles … toys … collectibles … tomato … tomato (pronounce the first with a long “a”, the second with a short “a” 😉 ) … they’re all the same. (You do play with at least some of them, do you not? How could you not? 😉 )

    (6) While I didn’t actually love the Holiday Special, I enjoyed it. It was Star Wars, after all, and like you — I have a penchant for EVERYTHING Star Wars. 🙂

    (7) I’m a HUGE fan of “Rebels”, too! 🙂 I love the Ralph McQuarrie-ish feel to the artwork and design. 🙂 That isn’t the only facet of the show that keeps me coming back. It’s so well done. Quality … quality … quality. All around. 🙂

    (8) I will treasure my Luke Skywalker statue FOREVER! It is displayed prominently in our living room, and I never — not for a single day — forget from whom it came, nor how incredibly touched I am that a group of my dear friends went to all that trouble and expense — so secretively and slyly, too! 😉 My mind’s eye brings me back to that rather sunny day when I walked into Mike’s store (yes, closed now … sadly). Tom was supposed to go with me (apparently 😉 ), but could not break away from work. It is a beautiful piece of artwork. However, it is the MEANING behind it that makes it so dear and precious to me. 🙂

    (9) My eyes are tearing up upon reading your last paragraph. I am so deeply touched by your kind (it seems so inadequate an adjective) words. I am not a saint (although it is touching for you to dub me as such). All I want to do is leave a corner of the world here, a corner of the world there a little sweeter, a little kinder … if only for a few moments. 🙂

    (10) Last — but certainly not least — is the fact that you are a very special and dear friend. 🙂 Family is not always connected by ties of blood. Star Wars may have brought many of us together, but it certainly isn’t what has kept us together. Thank you for being a very special friend. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to both you and Brandy!!! 😀

    MTFBWY 🙂

  2. Troy Metzler
    December 9, 2014 at 09:32 Reply

    Oh Melinda, I think you just described a Saint – so there, you are one!

    As for the mention of my accomplice on the toilet paper heist, there was no accomplice. That was me in the women’s room. My cousin-in-law was in the Men’s room, so I paid a visit to the women’s room. I’m not a weirdo – it was single person occupancy.

    1. Melinda
      December 15, 2014 at 08:49 Reply

      Thanks for the explanation. lol And for the record — I do not think you’re a weirdo. 😉

      1. Troy Metzler
        December 23, 2014 at 13:59 Reply

        That makes one of us. 😉

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I was Darth Vader for Halloween when I was 5 almost 6 (1978). My mom wouldn't stand for the plastic bag Vader outfit which we bought for the mask. She made me a costume while my dad made me a lightsaber. At that time no one had a lightsaber. It was an old Ever/Ready flashlight - remember the classic all chrome with the red cap on the end? He electrical-taped a clear golf club tube - the ones that go into golf bags - onto the lens. The costume was a fabric cape and a shirt complete with chest box made from a box top covered in fabric and felt squares. Of the 5 or 6 Vaders on the block that year I was the coolest. Now I am in my 40's, have my awesome and supportive wife Brandy, an impressive collection, friends that I consider family, and not ashamed to be a lifelong Geek.

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