‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Receives 15 Saturn Award Nominations

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Receives 15 Saturn Award Nominations


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has received 15 nominations for the 2016 Saturn Awards, the most of any other film this year. John Boyega was originally nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category, but was moved to the Best Actor category in order to more properly recognize his contributions to the film.

The categories in which The Force Awakens garnered nominations are listed below:


Best Science Fiction Film:

Ex Machina
Jurassic World
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Terminator: Genisys

Best Actor in a Film:

John Boyega — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Matt Damon — The Martian
Leonardo DiCaprio — The Revenant
Taron Egerton — Kingsman: The Secret Service
Harrison Ford — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Domhnall Gleeson — Ex Machina
Samuel L. Jackson — The Hateful Eight
Paul Rudd — Ant-Man

Best Actress in a Film:

Emily Blunt — Sicario
Jessica Chastain — The Martian
Blake Lively — The Age of Adaline
Daisy Ridley — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Charlize Theron — Mad Max: Fury Road
Mia Wasikowska — Crimson Peak

Best Supporting Actor in a Film:

Paul Bettany — Avengers: Age of Ultron
Michael Douglas — Ant-Man
Adam Driver — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Walter Goggins — The Hateful Eight
Simon Pegg — Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Michael Shannon — 99 Homes

Best Supporting Actress in a Film:

Jessica Chastain — Crimson Peak
Carrie Fisher — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Evangeline Lily — Ant-Man
Lupita Nyong’o — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Tamannaah Baahubali — The Beginning
Alicia Vikander — Ex Machina

Best Film Director:

J.J. Abrams Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Guillermo del Toro — Crimson Peak
Alex Garland — Ex Machina
George Miller — Mad Max: Fury Road
Peyton Reed — Ant-Man
Ridley Scott — The Martian
Colin Trevorrow — Jurassic World

Best Film Writing:

Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins — Crimson Peak
Alex Garland — Ex Machina
Drew Goddard — The Martian
Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn — Kingsman: The Secret Service
Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver,
Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly — Jurassic World
Lawrence Kasdan, J.J. Abrams,
Michael Arndt — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
George Miller, Brendan McCarthy,
Nick Lathouris — Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Film Editing:

Maryann Brandon, Mary Jo Markey — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Eddie Hamilton, Jon Harris — Kingsman: The Secret Service
Dan Lebental, Colby Parker, Jr. — Ant-Man
Leigh Folsom Boyd, Dylan Highsmith,
Kirk Morri, Christian Wagner — Furious 7
Kevin Stitt — Jurassic World
Margaret Sixel — Mad Max: Fury Road

Best Film Production Design:

Rick Carter, Darren Gilford — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Scott Chambliss — Tomorrowland
Sabu Cyril — Baahubali: The Beginning
Colin Gibson — Mad Max: Fury Road
Thomas E. Sanders — Crimson Peak
Ed Verreaux — Jurassic World

Best Film Music:

Tom Holkenborg — Mad Max: Fury Road
Johann Johannsson — Sicario
M.M. Keeravani — Baahubali: The Beginning
Ennio Morricone — The Hateful Eight
Fernando Velazquez — Crimson Peak
John Williams — Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Best Film Costume Design:

Alexandra Byrne — Avengers: Age of Ultron
Kate Hawley — Crimson Peak
Michael Kaplan — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Arianne Phillips — Kingsman: The Secret Service
Sandy Powell — Cinderella
Rama Rajamouli, Prashanti Tipirineni — Baahubali: The Beginning

Best Film Make-Up:

David Marti, Montse Ribe, Xavi Bastida — Crimson Peak
Leslie Vanderwalt, Damian Martin,
Elka Wardega — Mad Max: Fury Road
Neal Scanlan — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Joel Harlow, Kenny Niederbaumer — Black Mass
Gregory Nicotero, Howard Beger,
Jake Garber, Heba Thorisdottir — The Hateful Eight
Donald Mowat — Sicario

Best Film Special / Visual Effects:

Roger Guyett, Patrick Tubach,
Neal Scanlan, Chris Corbould — Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Andrew Jackson, Tom Wood,
Dan Oliver, Andy Williams — Mad Max: Fury Road
Andrew Whithurst, Paul Norris,
Mark Ardington, Sara Bennett — Ex Machina
Richard Stammers, Anders Langlands,
Chris Lawrence, Steven Warner — The Martian
John Rosengrant, Michael Lantieri,
Tim Alexander — Jurassic World
Paul Corbould, Chris Townsend,
Ben Snow, Paul Butterworth — Avengers: Age of Ultron

Visit http://www.saturnawards.org to see a complete list of all nominees, for movies and television.

Winners of the 42nd Saturn Awards will be announced in June.

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  1. Melinda
    March 1, 2016 at 07:50 Reply

    Awesome! 🙂

    Congratulations to all!!! 🙂

    Dare I say I hope The Force Awakens takes home a number — if not all 🙂 — awards in the categories in which it and its crew/actors/post production are nominated? Not to take anything away from those who won an Oscar on Sunday night for their work on their respective films, I will say I was quite surprised with the fact that TFA did not garner a single golden statuette. I have seen all the films nominated, and, quite frankly, TFA should have taken home at least a couple of the awards. Of course, nothing can take away from the fact — nor from the sentiment — that Star Wars is so beloved by so many people around the globe. 🙂 That alone is worth more than any award. 🙂

    MTFBWY 🙂

  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Wins Big at the 2016 Saturn Awards | Coffee With Kenobi
    June 23, 2016 at 12:11 Reply

    […] last night, June 22, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the champion of the night! After being nominated for 15 awards earlier this year, TFA walked away with eight wins at the 42nd annual […]

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