‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Finn and Han Solo Jackets from Hexder!

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Finn and Han Solo Jackets from Hexder!


Star Wars – The Force Awakens Jackets
Press Release

There are many debates and craze for Star Wars – The Force Awakens after the release of the movie. Ratings and positive reviews helped gained popularity even more, thanks to the fans who watched Star Wars for years. There are many who have collected some items from the previous episodes and is still running wild. In this regards, there should be some changes in Star Wars merchandise, especially from Star Wars – The Force Awakens. The main key point is that, some interesting merchandise should exist from Star Wars – The Force Awakens, and we have it now.

We are Hexder, and we have the availability of both Han Solo Jacket and Finn Jacket. About the Han Solo Jacket, it is not the old version outfit, but latest from Episode VII and of course, there is this Finn Jacket of John Boyega. By the efforts of our qualified craftsmen, these two are designed accurately as seen in the movie, using durable high-quality leather. So instead of collecting items for decoration, you can have something worth wearing.

Hexder is an online-based store, dealing with all kind of leather jackets, coats and other outfits relating to celebrities, available for both men and women. We have a collection from movies and television series and some costume-inspired-jackets of Superheroes and Villains which are highly followed by all. Our aim is to provide what is best for everyone, making this apparel reasonable and easy to avail.

You can find out more about us at www.hexder.com.

Finn Jacket:


Han Solo Jacket:


Thank you to Hexder for the press release and images.

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