LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Imperial Conveyex Transport

— A Guest Review by James Hirlehey

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Conveyex Transport (75217)

Solo: A Star Wars Story hit theatres this past May, and it introduced several newer vehicles into the Star Wars canon. Responsibly, LEGO included the Imperial Conveyex Transport with the latest wave of LEGO Star Wars sets. In relation to Solo: A Star Wars Story, this vehicle is a great representation of the movie as a whole. The Imperial conveyex train heist on the planet Vandor was arguably the most memorable scene of the entire movie. LEGO Star Wars Imperial Conveyex Transport set (75217) includes 622 pieces and runs for $89.99 USD.


At first glance, it’s easily distinguishable that this set belongs to the LEGO Star Wars line. Its white borders help present the “Star Wars” logo clearly. But this time, to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story, the logo is done in an orange/yellow font. To the top right of the box, LEGO also displays an image of several characters from the latest Star Wars blockbuster. The inside of box contains five numbered bags, an instruction manual, and a sticker sheet.


The Imperial Conveyex Transport comes with five minifigures. First impression, these minifigures all look great. From the details of Han Solo’s warmer clothing print to the range troopers’ fur neck warmers, the minifigures look ready for the cold, frigid weather of Vandor.

Han Solo

As mentioned above, Han Solo detailed clothing print is a delight to see. The texture on the print, which continues down to his legs, appears weatherproof to fight the cold weather. Also printed is his utility belt to help him carry out his heroic antics. His gloves are by contrast molded in a yellow/gold to give some ‘pop’ effect. It plays nicely against the dark brown of his coat.

Furthermore, Han sports a great pair of tinted goggles over his face print. He comes with two face prints. Both have goggles, but one face features a more serious expression than the other. As usual, Han comes with a small blaster pistol and his appropriate hair piece.


Chewbacca’s minifigure saw several modifications. Fans got to see their favorite “Wookiee” in a slightly more youthful version of himself in Solo: A Star Wars Story. To help distinguish Chewbacca’s newer minifigure from his old one, LEGO molded him another bandolier and added a satchel to his body piece. His crossing bandolier-straps are great visually, and the silver print on his ammo really pop. He’s without his usual crossbow, and he’s instead equipped with a double barrel rifle for this set. Of course, to follow Han on Vandor, Chewbacca also sports his own pair of goggles, which make his eyes adorably larger.

Range Troopers (2)

LEGO includes a pair of range troopers who look great. They both wear visually striking helmets, highlighted by cool copper/bronze visors to protect their eyes. Furthermore, the helmets are cleverly detailed to appear worn and battle tested. Their head prints, predictably, are the usual same as the rest of LEGO’s storm troopers.

The uniform armor prints on the front and back of their torsi are fantastic. And they both come with gold-colored gloves, which are a great contrast to the overall white. However, the neckwear is what sets these minifigures apart. LEGO did a great job here, utilizing a small clothe piece as the range troopers’ fur neck warmers. An army of these range troopers, armed with their unique, white blaster rifles, would be great on display. See more of the latest range of LEGO Star Wars figures in Brick Pal’s Star Wars sets guide: https://brickpals.com/lego-sets/star-wars/2019-star-wars-sets/

Imperial Gunner

A lone Imperial gunner posts atop the Imperial Conveyex Transport’s anti-aircraft turret. Donning a mostly grey uniform, his appearance is dark. Which bodes well for his menacing, black helmet, with a few technical notches on its right side and a dark visor slit, his helmet looks great.

His uniform appears worn-in, and is accessorized with a printed silver utility belt. The Imperial gunner also dons the clever cloth-for-neck-warmers. The contrasting brown colored gloves, again, are a great final touch to his overall strong LEGO minifigure design.


Its full name is the 20-T Imperial Railcrawler Conveyex Transport. And its overall appearance is probably the closest thing to a LEGO Star Wars train to date. It’s an enormous vehicle in Solo: A Star Wars Story. In the movie, it’s shown winding and twisting on the curved rails through the mountains of Vandor, although this Railcrawler needs no tracks. LEGO, however, designed this vehicle with only two carts; one engine and one cargo car. Though attachable, because of the Railcrawler’s hulking size and length depicted in the movie, two cars just don’t seem enough.

The Engine

The front engine is clearly the “driving force” of this model. Its design is a fantastic in relation to the vehicle in the film. The shape of its hull parallels that of the one in movie. Obviously shorter in scale, but its overall clever composure makes up any misses.

The front opens up to reveal a unique black drive chain, built similarly to a conveyor belt, which encompasses the vehicle from front to back. Since the drive chain is exposed in the front, rear, and bottom of the Railcrawler, its unique rotating movement throughout the hull is visible when it’s in motion.

A pair of functional, concave doors on each side of the engine give this Imperial Conveyex Transport some excellent depth. Both doors lead to the same hull space which fits a single minifigure, or there’s also mechanism built-in to holster a blaster rifle. The stickered panels in the rear also fold down to each reveal upper battle stations, with relative seating space. This engine is jam-packed with details all in one space.

The Cargo Car

Atop the cargo car sits a functional, rotating, dual stud-shooting turret gun equipped with a seat for the Imperial Gunner. Two functional, sliding blast doors protect each side of the cargo car with another operable hatch up top. The rear of the cargo car is left open, but the inside is too dark to be much of an issue.

Its wide sliding doors open up to reveal four storage cases. Each case holds a single transparent-blue cylindrical piece, which represents a “coaxium tube” from the film. A ladder leading up to the operable hatch door is also revealed, and its incorporation only supplements the cargo car.


In conclusion this is an overall strong set from Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s sturdy and functional enough for playability, and also has great novelty as a collector’s portrayal of Han Solo’s latest, silver screen adventure.

You can order the LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Imperial Conveyex Transport now from Amazon.

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