Star Wars Rebels | Rebels Recon for “Double Agent Droid”

Star Wars Rebels | Rebels Recon for “Double Agent Droid”

***SPOILERS*** for the Star Wars Rebels episode “Double Agent Droid.”

Chopper, AP-5, and Wedge are sent on an undercover mission to acquire much-needed secret codes. As the droids bicker, Wedge sees why he was chosen for the mission. Bickering aside, the mission goes to plan — until Imperials on the lookout for a rebel spy droid catch on to Chopper’s ruse. They soon assume control over Chopper with the hopes he will lead them to the hidden rebel base. AP-5 grows suspicious of his counterpart’s uncharacteristic behavior, but getting the team to believe him isn’t easy.

Go behind-the-scenes with Rebels Recon:


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