If there is one thing about Star Wars that resonates to fans besides the films themselves it’s the iconic artwork. Star Wars Art: Poster is an fabulous achievement that spans generations! With eye popping hand painted artwork spotlighting Star Wars artist staples from yesteryear to digital mediums of today. This truly is the book that captures it all.

The book itself is a sturdy hard bound coffee table style book with thick pages featuring each piece of poster art covering most of the pages, if not, a double page spread showcases larger pieces. As long-time fan I’ve seen plenty of the posters within these pages, but a few obscureposters from around the world gain fame in their own right spotlighting some unknown art prints.

Of course no Star Wars poster art book would be complete without a heavy doze of, now legendary, masters like Drew Struzan and Roger Kastel of the movie industry. The glossy images of Luke, Leia, Han and the gang ooze right off the page.

One thing that struck me, as I pursued the pages, is that this book offers something that my computer screen doesn’t. Quality. Yes, I can Google Star Wars posters and be undated with images by everybody and their Grandma, but these are the posters that hung in movie theaters around the world! This was before the Internet, before anybody had any idea what Star Wars was and now is! Posters were the original film teaser.

I also have the unique opportunity to share this volume with my kids and let them point out their favorite characters and get to see how different artist interpret them in their own style. Pouring over the classic original trilogy and a few forgotten prequel posters, it was fun to see my children’s eyes light up. It’s the depth and history this book carries that resonates with the artist in me and images any Star Wars fan can appreciate and pass down to the next generation of fans.

My only hope would be that the next volume of future sequels will be this in-depth and make me salivate to turn on the movies and experience them all over again!


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Note: Special thanks to Abrams for the review copy!

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