Star Wars: No Shave, No Problem

Star Wars: No Shave, No Problem

To celebrate No Shave November I thought it would be a good time to honor the best beards in Star Wars. Like the Star Wars movies, it is too hard to rank the beards of these characters, so let’s just appreciate them as a group.

George Lucas:

Did George Lucas create the beard? Probably not. Did he perfect it? Absolutely. With clean lines and a sleek look, this beard set the standard for the galaxy far, far away. Image result for george lucas

Luke Skywalker:

No hubris involved in this grizzled growth, just decades of experience and wisdom. A beard this well-worn should not be hidden on an island. Truly the beard of a master.Image result for luke skywalker

Obi-Wan Kenobi:

This heroic beard is versatile enough to withstand the rain of Kamino and the heat of Mustafar and Tatooine. Not too thick and not too thin, this auburn beauty makes you only able to hypnotically say, “Hello, there,” when you see it. Image result for obi wan kenobi

Count Dooku:

With its razor-sharp precision, this crystal silver fox of a beard reflects Count Dooku’s lightsaber skills and mastery of the Force. It is so electrifying that you may be tempted to turn to the dark side. Image result for count dooku

Saw Gerrera:

This perfect salt-and-pepper mix is eccentric just like Saw. Also rebellious and brave, this unkempt beard is so mesmerizing that it may cause one to lose one’s mind. Image result for saw gerrera

Agent Kallus:

This bristled face mask works well whether it’s worn on a bad boy or a good guy. And you know you’re a hot commodity if the Empire let’s you model this face fashion when everyone else is clean shaven. Image result for agent kallus

Qui-Gon Jinn:

Even Republic credits can’t buy a beard this maverick. It looks nice at a family dinner or while battling a Sith lord. And while it may not be able to fight a war for you, it can protect you from harsh climates.

Image result for qui gon jinn

Bodhi Rook:

No extra cargo on this former Empire pilot’s face. Bodhi keeps his whiskers trimmed so even when things get frantic his beard doesn’t go rogue.

Image result for bodhi rook

Baze Malbus:

This powerful beard packs a punch and its loyalty knows no bounds. When you have a beard this bold, you don’t need the Force.

Image result for baze malbus

Kanan Jarrus:

As Kanan’s Jedi powers and knowledge grew, so did this beard. And he selflessly sacrificed his beard shortly before he sacrificed himself for his space family. The ultimate Jedi move.

Image result for kanan jarrus

Dan Zehr:

The elegance of Mr. Zehr’s beard is matched only by the wisdom of this intellectual giant. Worn by the leader of an entire network, this beard sets a high bar for podcast hosts throughout the galaxy.

Honorable Mentions: Owen Lars, Cliegg Lars, Sio Bibble.

So who has your favorite beard in Star Wars? Who did I miss? Let me know on Twitter @ryderwaldrondds, email me at, or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and remember:

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