It was revealed today during the Star Wars: A New Dawn panel at San Diego Comic-Con that a new novel featuring Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Voss is on the way! The panel, which was live-blogged on, included Dave Filoni (executive producer for Star Wars Rebels), Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group), and Jennifer Heddle (senior editor at Lucasfilm). Here’s what they had to say about the novel, which is due to hit shelves next summer:

2:33: New reveal! An Asajj Ventress novel (featuring Quinlan Vos) by Christie Golden! Filoni: “Ventress had become one of the most interesting characters…we had all this material, we had all these designs…This is based on scripts we had written with George Lucas…I’m super excited about this book.” Check out the cover!


2:37: Heddle says that it will be more of a novel for adults, and Hidalgo notes that the novel will be able to go deeper in ways that the show could not.

It’s definitely worth reading the rest of the blog. There’s discussion about the other books that are on the way, including the Rebels tie-in, A New Dawn. The other panelists include author John Jackson Miller, Shelly Shapiro (editor with Del Rey), and Vanessa Marshall (Hera in Star Wars Rebels).

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