With awards show season coming to a close soon and St. Patrick’s day coming up, I thought it would be a good time to announce the nominees for Star Wars March Awards, which recognize fandom’s favorite characters, quotes, and other things that pertain to green, gold, luck, and other categories related to the month of March and St. Patrick’s Day. Like any good (or mediocre) awards show, I will give my predictions and things to watch for. So get on your tuxedo or gown, grab some Thala-siren milk, and join me on the green carpet.

The nominees in the category for Best Little Green Friend:
-Admiral Raddus
-Green lightsabers (Yoda’s, Luke Skywalker’s, Qui-Gon Jinn’s, Ezra Bridger’s, and others)
-Hera Syndulla
-Kit Fisto

Presenter of award: Emperor Palpatine

Prediction: Yoda is the likely winner due in most part to his longevity in the industry and because he’s awesome. His acceptance speech will be a must-watch, as will be Emperor Palpatine presenting his rival with the award. (“Congratulations, my…little…green…friend.) Look for Hera, the relative newcomer, as a possible spoiler, due to her fierce loyalty and dependability. She wins and loses with the same grace and humility and is usually in the right place at the right time. Admiral Raddus will likely put up a good fight, but Kit Fisto probably won’t if his fight against Darth Sidious is any type of indicator.


In the category for Best Goldenrod:
-Gold Leader Jon “Dutch” Vander
-Han and Luke’s Medals of Bravery
-Jedi Temple Guards and their lightsaber pikes
-Supreme Leader Snoke’s robe

Presenter of award: Han Solo (and he’s not waiting, so you better hurry up)

Prediction: C-3PO will come through in the end, but his acceptance speech will be cringe-worthy. Snoke’s robe could be a dark horse nominee, but I don’t really think it even has a spit of hope. Gold Leader Vander may get close, but will be caught from behind before he can seal the deal.

In the category of “Good Luck. You’re Gonna Need It,” the nominees are:
-Han: “I call it luck.”
-Han’s lucky dice
-Obi-Wan: “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.”
-Rey: “That was lucky.”
-Rose and Paige’s Otomok medallions

Presenter of award: DJ

Prediction: Never tell me the odds, but I could see a co-winner in this category with Han’s “I call it luck” and Obi-Wan’s “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck” in a tie. My vote would go to Rey’s “That was lucky.” It was a subtle line and on par with Rey’s humble attitude. Han’s lucky dice are currently very popular, but will fade in the end. Rose and Paige are already winners in my book.

In the category of Best Star Wars Redhead, the nominees are:
-Aurra Sing
-General Hux
-Mon Mothma

Presenter of award: Ryder Waldron (because I am a redhead and I wrote this)

Prediction: The most deserving of this award is Mon Mothma. As the long-time leader of the Rebel Alliance she is the best representative of redheads in Star Wars. However, who wouldn’t want to see General Hux give an acceptance speech?! (“You will all bow to this award winner!!!!) Aurra Sing will be a distant bystander.

The nominee for Best March is:
-“The Imperial March” written by John Williams

Presenter of award: Darth Vader

Prediction: As the only nominee in this category, “The Imperial March” will win in a landslide, as it also would if there were any other nominees. This has been the best march since 1980.

So who would you vote for in these categories, or do you have a write-in vote? Let me know on Twitter @ryderwaldrondds, email me at ryderw@coffeewithkenobi.com, or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and remember:

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