Star Wars Forces of Destiny Review: “Triplecross” **UPDATED**

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Review: “Triplecross” **UPDATED**

This review of the Forces of Destiny‘s “Triplecrosscontains spoilers for both the episode and Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Qi’ra has officially made her debut on the big screen in Solo: Star Wars Story, and now she appears on the small screen in the newest Forces of Destiny episode, “Triplecross.” The episode opens with Qi’ra being pursued by the bounty hunter IG-88. She reaches a dead-end, but a nearby door catches her attention. She opens it to reveal Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings), who has teamed up with IG-88 to capture Qi’ra. A lieutenant for Crimson Dawn would catch a nice fee for the bounty hunting duo.

Qi’ra isn’t easily outsmarted, though. Appealing to Hondo’s vanity, she gets him to admit the bounty on his head is significantly higher than the one on hers — and that catches the attention of IG-88, who is looking for a bigger payday. IG-88 isn’t fast enough, and Hondo gets in the first shot. As he wonders at IG-88’s double-cross, Qi’ra escapes her binders and unleashes Teräs Käsi on Hondo.

Tables turned, Qi’ra now has custody of both IG-88 and Hondo, and is able to collect the bounties on both. Hondo just can’t catch a break!

While not specified, this episode would have to take place at some point between Qi’ra’s forced separation from Han Solo on Corellia and her position with Dryden Vos and the criminal organization Crimson Dawn. There are three years to cover before her reunion with Han on Dryden Vos’ yacht at Vandor-1, so that timeline makes sense.

From Solo we’ve learned that Qi’ra is a survivor. The experiences of growing up on the hard streets of Corellia, and then working for Crimson Dawn, have formed her into a capable person who can think on her feet — quickly assessing situations, seeing the solutions, and the steps she needs to undertake to achieve the desired results. As some will learn the hard way, thinking you know Qi’ra can be a conclusion reached at your own peril… or heartbreak.

I’m not sure who provides the voice for Qi’ra in “Triplecross,” but it’s a job well-done. In some places it’s very close in tone and quality to Emilia Clarke — so close it can be tough to distinguish. (This post will be updated when that information is confirmed.)

**UPDATE** Qi’ra is voiced by Olivia Hack. She does an amazing job!

In Solo, Qi’ra has an air of mystery about her, and you pick up on that same quality here. There always seems to be something she knows that the rest of us don’t. That intrigue draws the viewer in, and hopefully we’ll see more of Qi’ra in Forces of Destiny at some point in the future, or elsewhere in Star Wars media — such as the new book release .

You can watch this episode now on Disney’s YouTube channel, and tonight on the Disney Channel at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.

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