***This is a review of Star Wars Forces of Destiny episode three, “Ewok Escape.” It contains spoilers.***

The third episode of Star Wars Forces of Destiny, “Ewok Escape,” shifts focus from Rey over to our beloved Princess Leia during the time of Return of the Jedi on the forest moon of Endor. (Click here to watch this episode.) The action picks up not long after Leia first encounters the Ewok known as Wicket.

Wicket is leading the way as Leia is protesting that they need to find her friends, Han, Luke, and the rest. Wicket, attuned to the sounds of the forest, notices something out of place and pauses cautiously. He then takes off, with Leia in pursuit, and they come across a startling scene — Stormtroopers confronting a pair of Ewoks.

Needless to say, Wicket does not like what he sees, so he decides to get a closer look by climbing a nearby tree. The troopers continue to harass the Ewoks, taking their weapons, calling them “primitives,”and pushing them around, as bullies do. It’s sweet to know the Empire will find out the truth about Ewoks soon enough.

In the meantime, Wicket devises a way to trap the troopers and take them out of commission for a while. Leia is visibly impressed with Wicket’s quick thinking when he sees his friends in danger. No doubt, she’s thinking the Ewoks might be good fighters to have on the side of the Rebellion when the time comes.

The plan goes sideways a bit, as much of it depends on Wicket’s size compared to the stormtroopers. Leia is quick to come to Wicket’s aid, however, and soon the troopers are on the losing end of this encounter.

Back at Wicket’s village, the Ewoks show their appreciation for Leia’s assistance by presenting her with a gift — and by answering a long-standing question I know I’ve often wondered about. Where did Leia get that dress? It’s not as though it was in her back pocket, you know? Still, it begs a new question — Where did the Ewoks get that dress?

This was a fun little tale. It’s consistent with what we know of Wicket. He’s young, curious, but also able to stand up and display bravery that’s probably beyond his years. I wish there was more to Leia in this episode, though. This felt more like Wicket’s adventure, with Leia along for the ride. Granted, she’s in an unfamiliar situation on a strange world. She’s separated from her friends, and she’s eager to get back to them. I suppose settling into more of a sidekick role makes sense at this point. Still, I longed for more from Leia.

Shelby Young is credited as the voice of Princess Leia, and she does a fine job capturing Leia’s personality. Carrie Fisher leaves behind big shoes to fill, and the character itself is iconic. I’m sure it’s a daunting prospect for any actor, so I respect anyone who gives it their best.

I know we haven’t seen the last of Leia in Forces of Destiny, so we’ll see how the characterization develops. Here’s hoping Leia’s role expands in her next episode!

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