Star Wars Fandom: Stepping Into A Larger World

Star Wars Fandom: Stepping Into A Larger World

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In 2012 I decided to start a Star Wars blog. My main motivation was to simply have a place I could send people if they wanted to see photos of my Star Wars room. I wasn’t really interested in interacting with the Star Wars online community, which is strange since I was creating content – why create if you don’t have a desire to share it? In fact, I was barely on Facebook and hadn’t joined Twitter yet.

Once I joined Star Wars social media and became influenced by other fans, I immediately began writing articles for my site and eventually sought out other sites to write for. I was looking for a bigger audience but even better I’ve found a group of fellow fans that I can call friends.

Since I write mostly for Coffee With Kenobi and, my website contains articles that complement my writing for these two fine sites, as well as giving me an outlet for articles that don’t necessarily fit anywhere else.

My website became, to paraphrase Ben Kenobi, “my first steps into a larger world.”

This is a short promo that greets visitors to my website, I would like to give a big, big thanks to Dan and Cory for allowing me the chance to present it here! Have a look around and let me know what you think.


I welcome your feedback! My email is You can find me on Twitter @MikeTarkin and also at my website,“Star Wars In My Corner of the Galaxy.”

This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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