‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ to Film in Ireland This Month

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ to Film in Ireland This Month


It looks like a bit of confusion over in Ireland has been sorted by Lucasfilm, according to Entertainment Weekly. Recent reports suggested that the production for The Force Awakens was returning to Skellig Michael — the remote island off the southwest coast of County Kerry, Ireland where filming took place last year — for reshoots in advance of the December 18 release date.

Lucasfilm cleared things up with this clarification to EW:

Lucasfilm says reports that Star Wars: The Force Awakens would be regrouping for reshoots in Ireland this month are erroneous and that the actual plan is to begin shooting sequences from director Rian Johnson’s 2017 sequel Episode VIII.

Lucasfilm now tells EW that the confusion about what was shooting came from them trying to stay low-key and using the title ‘Star Wars’ without differentiating between the films.

You can read more over at http://www.ew.com.

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