Star Wars, Deadpool, and More!

Star Wars, Deadpool, and More!


There is much on my mind as the burgeoning spoils of spring emerge. I’m restless, antsy, ready for change. Full of new hope. Here in Western Pennsylvania, USA, the change of seasons can be dramatic, but even years like this one in which the winter is barely existent, the coming of spring has this effect. (WARNING! Major Deadpool SPOILERS!!)


I’m ready for Naboo with a touch of Takodana, some lush green in place of gray. The thought has me wondering…are all the worlds in Star Wars made up of one climate? A simplistic question, perhaps, but we see it no other way in the films. Tatooine and Jakku are dry, sandy desert worlds. Coruscant and D’Qar are temperate and endlessly urban. Hoth and Starkiller Base are wintry. And Naboo, Takodana, and Endor are lush, stunning. But do any of them have mixed climates? Is it only rainy and gray on Kamino, only molten wasteland on Mustafar? I wonder, and I wonder why The Maker created them that way?

In much the same way, I find it fascinating that the early characterizations in Star Wars are similarly single-paned. In Episode 4, Luke , Leia, and Han embody the consummate whiny teenager, spunky princess, and feisty scoundrel, stereotypes in a big way. Although they all evolve, it is Leia who evolves the most. It’s noteworthy that she and Han share a conversation in Star Wars: Episode Vll The Force Awakens in which they state that they have returned to “what they know.” Yes. Han goes back to being a wise-cracking smuggler, but Leia is a general now, a well-respected one at that. Most importantly as far as change goes, is that they are parents, and Leia’s motherhood drives her request of Han to bring their son home. Luke is still the petulant farm boy at heart, skulking off to some remote island alone, deserting his friends when the going gets tough. Han is still so entrenched in his smuggling scoundrel-hood at the point when he has that conversation about Ben with Leia, that he declares his son “lost” before he ultimately makes a last-ditch effort and gives his life for his son. And then there’s Leia.


I love that we see her doing the “business” of the galaxy (as does Maz, a blog for another time 😉 ). Sure, we’ve seen Leia in the “war room” before, but it is clear that she’s running the business of rebelling, that she is in control of a large network and she has her hand on every aspect. Leia is not “just” a blaster-toting princess on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan or anywhere else. This woman is the boss. And yet she’s not. Leia’s motherhood to her wayward son makes her more vulnerable than she has ever been, so to see her strong and commanding at the same time is poignant and perfect. She’s a mother at her finest and worst at the same time, just like us. Just like me. Hey, she wasn’t perfect at something… and I can relate. Motherhood is hard. It changes a woman, and it changed Leia. I love her even more for it.

Changing the subject altogether, I saw Deadpool twice in the past few weeks and surprised myself by loving it much more than I thought I would. ALL KINDS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!! You’ve been warned! Now there’s a flawed hero. Wow! He’s foul-mouthed and impulsive and too afraid of his own emotions to make the right choices a good bit of the time. The gore factor in the movie is off the charts high. But Deadpool is driven by and succeeds because of the one thing that far too many of our “best” heroes shun: love. Pure, romantic love. And not only does the love he has for Vanessa drive him, but also, BONUS! He gets the girl at the end!! Joy! Rapture! FINALLY a superhero flat-out gets the girl. The first time, first movie. Can I get a round of applause, please, for the genius who decided that love makes a flawed superhero better, not worse? I remember the first time I saw Spiderman. I was crushed when he lied to Mary Jane about loving her and let her go without declaring his feelings. I felt much the same when Superman and Lois Lane STILL couldn’t manage to make it work in Superman Returns even after it became clear that they’d created a child together. I loathe that movie for this reason. We all know what happens to Anakin and Padme when their love is kept in the shadows until the Darkness destroys them. As Captain America: Civil War’s release approaches, I fear for Cap as he breaks off from the Avengers and wonder if he could have been better, stronger, if he’d been able to be with his Agent Carter? Iron Man is better with Pepper Potts. Thor came back to Earth to be with Jane Foster and he’s still, well, Chris Hemsworth for the moment (female Thor?? I sure hope not!), so now what? Batman nearly lost it when Rachel blew up. Hawkeye has a wife and kids and HE saved the day for his buds, finding them temporary refuge in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


So what of Deadpool? I have no idea what the next installment holds (chicka chikaaaaaaaahhhhh), but I’m guessing all won’t be roses and sunshine for Vanessa and our hero. I’m just hoping that after the storm they’ll still be together. They should be. They’re perfect. The ugly Christmas sweaters sealed that deal long before Vanessa accepted Wade’s disfigurement.

luke awaits Rey

What else? One last thing for this month…this idea of Yoda always getting a pass and never being held fully accountable for any of his actions is still bothering me (“Do or do not. There is no try” versus “Only Sith deal in absolutes”). Watching the Captain America: Civil War trailer brought this to mind again. So Cap believes that the Avengers should be able to use any means necessary to get the job done, and Iron Man, of all people, believes in accountability? Interesting. So Cap is Old Jedi Order Yoda, then? Once I see the new Cap movie I may have to revisit this. Let’s hope that when Luke finally emerges from his self-imposed, Yoda-on-Dagoba-like exile, he’s learned how to work and play better with others and that Star Wars: Episode Vlll doesn’t end up named “Civil War,” too.

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  1. Melinda
    March 15, 2016 at 10:36 Reply

    Wonderful musings, Pam. 🙂 I must admit I was interested in more about what you thought regarding the environments of the various planets, and the symbolism that embodies … but then you took a new path. Great insight about Leia (in particular), yet I was left wanting more. And then the connection/consideration of “Dead Pool” as it pertains to — well, itself, and to Star Wars. I haven’t seen the film yet, but intend to (I just hope it still will be playing in theaters by the time I have the opportunity to get to see it). [You were very clear with your warning, but I chose to read ahead anyway. 😉 That won’t stop me from seeing the movie. 🙂 ] Each of these topics could have been a theme for a blog all on its own. 🙂

    Please do not get me wrong. I am NOT criticizing. I mention the myriad of topics about which you wrote today as a means to encourage you to revisit any (or all!) of the themes somewhere down the line. Of course, only if you want to. To put it simply, you are a gifted writer, and the depth of insight you offer ALWAYS gives me a new way to look at the films. 🙂

    By the way, that was an interesting stance you took about “Luke is still the petulant farm boy at heart, skulking off to some remote island alone, deserting his friends when the going gets tough.” I didn’t take it that way at all. Something catastrophic (about which we have only a bit of insight) occurred, and Luke is of the opinion that it is necessary to retreat and regroup. That oftentimes is a necessary — and worthwhile — strategy. Faced with this new threat from the Dark Side — and possibly the only Jedi left — it isn’t hard to fathom that Luke, strong in the Force though he may be, will need some new insight how to face — and hopefully defeat — this new threat from the Dark Side. After all, he won’t be facing only two Dark Side users this time around.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Jay Krebs
    March 18, 2016 at 17:19 Reply

    LOVED this!!

    You know, this kind of reminds me of one of “our nights” – where we just talk about anything and everything that fills our fangirl hearts and minds! 🙂 It’s what blogging is about – really – expressing WHATEVER you’re thinking and feeling at that moment – whatever it is that inspires you at that time! All too quickly, that passion is gone, and we sometimes forget what it was we wanted to say…blogging gives that opportunity to set it permanently in one’s social and personal history! Rock, on, girl!! 🙂

    Ok…my thoughts…

    I agree with you about Luke. Not only is it his farm boy upbringing that draws him to his solitude (trust me, I married a farm boy who can be very socially introverted at times), but it’s also his way of “following in Yoda’s footsteps.” He knew what Yoda did, for whatever reasons he did it, and perhaps Luke felt the need to emulate that, seeing as how Yoda WAS his master, after all…! This particular point does bug me, as you know…WHY leave??? Grrrr….so much emotion, I have…

    Leia…sigh…her character evolution is immense. Not to sound like a feminist, here, but overall, I think women in general evolve more than men in their lifetime, PERIOD. Although both genders embrace a variety of roles, its the women of the world that truly have the most personal evolution. I’m just going to leave that right there….

    Deadpool!! Hubby and I saw it together, and actually had much discussion about it afterward. I felt the same as Vanessa – it truly is the man, not the face, that makes him who he is. Wade Wilson is the epitome of a great man – albeit not always appropriate – but he always means well and he is genuinely, openly, in-your-face REAL about who he is. His emotions are as raw as the skin under the spandex, but he embraces it, and doesn’t care what others think. I wish *I* could be more like that!!!

    Civil War….*sigh*…all I can say is that I’m both looking forward to – and dreading – May.

    Oh, and you know how I feel about that Yoda quote 😉

    GREAT job, milady!! 🙂

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