Star Wars #19


Poe #2

Marvel’s Star Wars comics for May feature a bounty of reprinted first issues — including Droids and the 1977 Star Wars #1 — for just a buck each to celebrate May the 4th Day, along with the second issue of Poe Dameron, the final issue of the Obi-Wan and Anakin mini-series and ongoing adventures in Star Wars and Darth Vader.

On May 4 — AKA May the Fourth! — Charles Soule and Phil Noto continue the ongoing adventures of The Force Awakens’ Poe Dameron with issue 2 of his monthly series. More questions, such as who is the First Order’s Capt. Terrex and how did he find Poe and his squadron, are raised, but are the answers easy to come by? The 32-page issue is $3.99.
Also out the day are the bevy of reprints for May the Fourth — part of Marvel’s Star Wars True Believers! initiative. They include:

  • Star Wars Classic #1 (from 1977)
    Star Wars #1 from 2015
    Darth Vader #1
    Lando #1
    Chewbacca #1
    Shattered Empire #1
    Kanan #1
    Star Wars Covers #1
    Vader Down #1

Darth Vader #20

On May 11, Darth Vader #20 starts a new story arc dubbed “End of Games.” The 40-page issue, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Salvador Larrocca, also features a bonus tale starring Triple-Zero and Beetee. It’s on sale for $4.99.

On May 18, Soule and Marco Checchetto conclude the five-issue Obi-Wan and Anakin mini-series as the Jedi Master and Padawan are caught in the middle of a war while each man comes to an important realization. The $3.99 issue is 32 pages long.


In Star Wars #19, out May 25, writer Jason Aaron and artist Leinil Francis Yu bring the “Rebel Jail” arc to a conclusion as Leia decides whether to save a prison full of Imperial forces or strike back against

Obi-Wan & Anakin #5

Obi-Wan & Anakin #5

an Empire that has taken so much from her. The 32-page issue sells for $3.99.

Looking toward the summer and fall, Marvel will begin taking orders for the collected editions of its 2015 Star Wars series, which will be sold for $34.99 apiece.

The first 12 issues of Darth Vader gets collected in a 296-page hardcover sporting covers by Adi Granov and Alex Ross. It’s on sale July 6. Likewise, the first 12 issues of Star Wars is gathered up in a 288-page hardcover with covers by Stuart Immonent and and John Cassaday that goes on sale Sept. 7.

STWINFEPICV01TPB_cvr The Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Rebellion Vol. 1 goes on sale June 22. The 504-page softcover collects original Dark Horse Comics tales Star Wars: Empire #7, 14, 16-18; Star Wars: Vader’s Quest #1-4; and the first 12 issues of Brian Wood’s 2013 series, Star Wars. It retails for $39.99.


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