The Star Wars Canon Dispatch: October 2017

The Star Wars Canon Dispatch: October 2017

The Star Wars Canon Dispatch
October 2017

Welcome to The Star Wars Canon Dispatch, an unofficial monthly contextual look at the monthly releases in Star Wars storytelling. Real life has gotten in the way of a fully fleshed out update, but I wanted to make sure we have a brief look at the new canon stories this month.

– Del Rey – 10/1/2017
#002 – Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing – 10/3/2017
Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 006 – Comic (Marvel)- 10/4/2017
Star Wars 037 – Comic (Marvel) – 10/4/2017
Star Wars: Captain Phasma 003 – Comic (Marvel) – 10/4/2017
Star Wars Adventures, Issue #3 – Comic (IDW) – 10/11/2017
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 013 – Comic (Marvel) – 10/11/2017
Star Wars: Captain Phasma 004 – Comic (Marvel) – 10/18/2017
– Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing – 10/24/2017
Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic: Mace Windu 003 – Comic (Marvel) – 10/25/2017
– Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing – 10/31/2017

Forces of Destiny also returns with new shorts over on Disney’s YouTube Channel this month.

The most anticipated book this month is Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View, a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of A New Hope with 40 different short stories from various points of view in the film. Stories that answer some of the mysteries of the film, stories that tie Prequel films and Rogue One into the classic trilogy era, and stories that just make you smile.

If you have any specific questions this month, feel free to reach out.

On The Horizon

In case you missed any news, here are the Star Wars canon titles we are expecting (dates subject to change):

December 27, 2017 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait, one-shot (Comic – Marvel) Forces of Destiny, ongoing (YouTube and Junior Readers)
Star Wars, ongoing (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, ongoing (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars: Poe Dameron, ongoing (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars: Darth Vader, ongoing (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu, mini-series (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars: Captain
Phasma, beginning September 2017 (Comic – Marvel)
Star Wars Adventures, ongoing (Comic – IDW)

Let me know your thoughts by posting in the comments below. You can find my coverage of #starwarscanon stories at my YouTube channel Star Wars: The Canon Explained. I can be found on Twitter (@starwarstce) and Instagram (@starwarstce), and you can also reach me at

There are stories about what happened… It’s true… all of it…

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