Star Wars and Valentine’s Day

Star Wars and Valentine’s Day


February is my wife’s favorite month and it’s not because she loves groundhogs or the Superbowl or because it is National Dental Health Month (but keep reading if you happen to like Star Wars toothbrushes). She loves February because she loves Valentine’s Day, and she also loves her amazing husband who she was lucky enough to marry in February. Ok, so she is only lucky from a certain point of view, but still. If you knew her or saw her you would realize that I can use the Force, because a Jedi mind trick is the only way I could have gotten her to marry me. I definitely married up. Today is our eleventh wedding anniversary actually, so for my February blog I thought I’d write about two of the things I love: Star Wars and my wife. Sappy. I know.

Leia and Han

Before my wife and I met she had never seen a Star Wars movie. And before we were married I don’t think she knew how much I loved the Star Wars saga. I didn’t want to show my Sabacc cards too early. She was nice enough to watch Episodes I, II, IV, V, and VI with me while we were dating, but I think she thought that would be the end of her involvement with Star Wars. It definitely wasn’t. I was just getting her caught up so she could be ready for Revenge of the Sith, which she saw with me at the midnight release while she was pregnant.

My wife has definitely reinforced my fandom. She even has a favorite Star Wars character now: Emperor Palpatine! She clearly likes bad boys. In the last year alone she has gone to three comic cons with me, kissed a Wookiee, tried to get frozen in carbonite, talked me into getting my picture taken with Carrie Fisher, and convinced me that we need to go to Star Wars Celebration in April (#bestwifeever). And every Monday night she watches Rebels with our kids and me. Rebels has become “her Star Wars”. The day after one comic con she even wore to church a shirt that had a picture on it of Han Solo. It was a very rogue-ish thing to do.

My wife and I are definitely the Padme and Anakin of our small galaxy. She is very patient, humble, kind, and probably sometimes sad when I try to get her to talk about Star Wars with me. On the other prosthetic hand, I am terribly impatient, have a temper, am moody and overconfident, and have had some joints surgically repaired. Clearly she is the lucky one in this relationship (*tries to use Jedi mind trick on everyone reading this*). My wife is worth more wealth than you can imagine. So Happy Anniversary and Happy February to my wife, and Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone else!

Anakin and Padme

Now this is where the oral hygiene fun begins! Because February is National Dental Health Month I am going to have a Star Wars toothbrush give-away. There are three ways to enter the drawing: on Twitter, on Facebook, and by commenting at the bottom the this page. Each person can enter once each way for a total of three entries. On Twitter, send out a tweet telling your friends and followers how much you love Coffee With Kenobi and this blog. Make sure you mention @coffeewthkenobi, @ryderwaldrondds (so I will be notified and can enter you), and include a link to the CWK bloggers. On Facebook, make a post about CWK with a link and tag me in it so I can enter you. I will be able to keep track of the comments on my blog to enter you, and I do love comments.


The drawing will be held on February 25th and I will contact the winner after the drawing to get shipping info. I will cover any shipping costs. No hosts or bloggers for Coffee With Kenobi will be eligible to win. I don’t want Cory and Dan Force-choking anyone just to improve their chances. The winner will receive three Star Wars light-up Lightsaber toothbrushes, one each with Yoda, Darth Vader, and Anakin. Good luck and may the Force be with you!

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