Spoiler-free Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Premiere – Really, NO SPOILERS!

Spoiler-free Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale Premiere – Really, NO SPOILERS!

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I don’t always read my email in a timely fashion, so I consider it the will of the Force that I did so last week. The costumers of the Rebel Legion were lucky enough to be invited to the cast and crew premiere screening of the season finale of Star Wars Rebels at Walt Disney Theater in Burbank, California, and I responded quickly enough to the club email to get a seat. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have considered going to Los Angeles on a weeknight, but I amazingly had business scheduled THAT DAY less than five miles away from the event venue, for the first time in several YEARS… so, yes, will of the Force! As Master Qui-Gon said, “nothing happens by accident.”

I arrived too early to be let on to the Disney property, so I parked across the street to wait. Several minutes later, fellow fanfriend James Floyd pulled up right in front of me. The guard, overwhelmed by two Jedi, let us in and we made our way to the red carpet area. We exchanged pleasantries with other Star Wars friends, then made our way inside. There was plenty of space in the first row, so we claimed our seats and continued to chat with our neighbors. It was fun to watch the creative minds and performers responsible for the show make their way into the theater. Though they had reserved seating, it didn’t keep them from mingling with other guests – yet another example of why the Star Wars community is a fun one. We’re ALL fans!

Here we go! Ahsoka pin design by Johnamarie Macias; fabrication by Meg Humphrey.*

Here we go! Ahsoka pin design by Johnamarie Macias; fabrication by Meg Humphrey.*

In due time, Master of Ceremonies Amy Ratcliffe [Lattes with Leia, Geek with Curves, StarWars.com, Full of Sith] took the floor and welcomed us all to the event. She then warned us that Clone Captain Gregor would be watching us from the rafters to ensure that no one recorded the show. Well, I made that part up, but we were asked politely not to post spoilers… and then the show began…

… and then it ended. I have no intention of giving any details whatsoever I will say that I liked the episode, and that I thought the art and animation were, to my untrained eye, the best I’ve seen in the series so far. Kevin Kiner’s score was likewise a treat.

Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni, and Amy Ratcliffe

Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni, and Amy Ratcliffe

After the credits, Amy hosted a question and answer period with Simon Kinberg, Dave Filoni, and several of the actors. Dave Filoni was as hilarious (and evasive) as ever, so I applaud Amy’s masterful ability to keep the discussion rolling. She didn’t miss a beat as she responded to his quips with jokes of her own. I won’t relate any of the discussion in order to avoid spoilers. At the completion of the Q&A, the cast and crew remained for photos and autographs. Again, I am amazed by how approachable and grateful these folks are for their fans. We are truly lucky to have THEM, too, of course!

Shortly thereafter I found myself at a Big Boy diner, munching on a waffle, discussing Star Wars with some very knowledgeable people. Though the trivia was educational, I enjoyed the camaraderie most of all. Many of the Coffee With Kenobi family members feel that being a member of the Star Wars fandom is more about the people than anything else, and I definitely agree. I thought about how events came together that allowed me to be there that night, with those great people, watching that great show. Nothing happens by accident and there’s no such thing as luck, so I’ll again chalk it up to the will of the Force.

I hope that you enjoy the Season 2 finale as much as I did! I also urge you to keep your eyes open for opportunities such as the one that befell me last night.

Until next time, thank you for reading, may the Force be with you, and remember –

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*The design for my Ahsoka lapel pin is by Johnamarie Macias. Meg Humphrey made the pins to hand out at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Thanks ladies!

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