‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Opens in China May 25; Theatrical Poster Revealed

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Opens in China May 25; Theatrical Poster Revealed

Variety is reporting that Solo: A Star Wars Story will premiere in China on May 25, the same opening as the US, and most everywhere else. The official theatrical poster has also been revealed, giving us a different look from previous domestic and international posters.

Find out more from Variety below:

The original “Star Wars” franchise was not screened in China until several years after its initial release in other territories. Contemporaneous screening of the newest episodes began in the new, modern era of Chinese cinema in 2016 with the release of “The Force Awakens.” That film earned a very respectable $124 million from its Jan. 9, 2016, release.

But without the traction and fan base that the series has elsewhere, the franchise has struggled in China to maintain those numbers. “Rogue One,” released on Jan. 6, 2017, grossed $69.5 million, and “The Last Jedi,” released on Jan. 5, 2018, slipped to $42.7 million.

The official Chinese poster released by Disney sports the title (in Chinese) “Knight-Errant Solo.” The artwork features the movie’s stars under the slogan: “Unbridled hero. Extraordinary partners.” In a move that slightly distances the new film from the main franchise movies, the new poster even uses a different Chinese font. It includes an English-language logo in the corner that simply reads “Solo: Star Wars.”

Interesting to note everyone has eyes front, with one notable exception. What are you up to, Tobias?

Source: Variety

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