Composer John Powell has posted a list of character themes composed for Solo: A Star Wars Story on his official Facebook page. This follows the release of the tracklist last week. The first listing is Han’s theme, composed by John Williams. The rest of the themes were composed by Powell himself.

While there isn’t anything outwardly spoiler-ish in the themes, if you’re avoiding any new info about Solo, consider this your spoiler warning.

Here’s your final list of brand new material to look for in Solo: A Star Wars Story:
1. Han Theme (by John Williams)
2. Love Theme
3. Chewbacca Theme
4. Gang Theme
5. L3 Theme
6. Enfys Nest Theme

+ there are 2 major theme-like motifs directly following the plot all the way through the movie. (All 7 by yours truly!)

You can pre-order the now from Amazon.

Source: John Powell | Facebook

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