Smuggler’s Bounty Box Review

Smuggler’s Bounty Box Review

I’m sure if you’ve been an active Star Wars fan online in the past year you’ve no doubt seen the all new subscription box from Funko, called Smuggler’s Bounty! I’m not much of a collector along the lines of the plastic variety, but these boxes are almost too good to pass them up. This month’s theme was ‘Bounty Hunter’ so let’s get to the review!


The design of the boxes that come are really cool. Utilizing the famous Star Wars font and pill-light design is a smart way to differentiate from other subscription boxes. This month’s box featured the image of Boba Fett on the package obviously going along with the theme of the month. I received my box last Thursday the 19th. Pretty average from what I had been seeing from other shipping times.


Upon first opening of the box you are greeted by the patch and pin. All the boxes come with these as a standard and are something along the theme of month. Here is a pin featuring Bossk with a patch of Boba Fett. The patch features a nice visage of the Mandolorian with a Mythosaur skull in the corner, the Star Wars word mark logo on top, Bounty Hunters and some Aurebesh. Any translators out there?smugg2


Up next is the t-shirt! Funko has been knocking it out of the park with their shirts since they debuted them. This month’s features a number of the Hunters we see on the bridge of the Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back (one glaring omission of Dengar to my friend DengarDan’s chagrin.) The shirts do run on the larger size so make sure you take that into account when and if you decide to order one! A funny thing about this shirt is that it features a typo! Look closely around IG-88 and you’ll see “Assasin Droid.” Whoops! Assassin has four S’s! Otherwise that one little nit-pick this is an awesome shirt.


How about the Pops? Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? The two that came in this box are nothing short of outstanding. Arguably the two most iconic names that come to mind when a Star Wars fan hears the words “bounty hunter,” Boba Fett and IG-88.


First, starting with the IG-88 bobble. I was intrigued in how Funko would be able to pull this Pop off considering his, lets say, awkward body shape. They definitely made it work though! The head looks just like came off of the bar at the Cantina (like it actually did to make the original IG-88 prop.) The double blasters is an awesome touch indicating his fearsome reputation.


Saving the best for last is Boba Fett himself. This Pop is ridiculous! The detail is absolutely top-notch here, the paint is some of the best I’ve ever seen for any other Pops. The action pose as brilliant, down to the pointed fingers, raised blaster, and billowing cape. One thing I wish they would’ve incorporated was if the rangefinder could move up and down.

smugg6 Probably the greatest thing about this Pop is the uniqueness of the stand. The stand to allow Boba to appear upright is made out of the flame and smoke plume of his jet-pack. I mean, how cool is that?!


I would definitely recommend checking out the Funko Smuggler’s Bounty official website for more details on the subscription service, the different plans they offer, and other FAQs! The next box coming in July is Jabba’s Palace themed. I wonder what Pops could be coming in this one?

Be sure to leave a comment below if you’ve gotten this or any of the other Smuggler’s Bounty boxes, or send in an email!

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