ScreenUsed Hosts 2nd Annual Movie Prop and Wardrobe Auction at Silicon Valley Comic Con April 23, 2017, Pre-Bidding Now Live

ScreenUsed Hosts 2nd Annual Movie Prop and Wardrobe Auction at Silicon Valley Comic Con April 23, 2017, Pre-Bidding Now Live

ScreenUsed, industry leader in the field of original film and television production memorabilia sales, will host its second annual live and online auction in partnership with Steve Wozniak’s second annual Silicon Valley Comic Con on Sunday, April 23, the final day of the Con at the San Jose Convention Center. Online viewing and pre-bidding on lots will begin on April 3 and run through April 23 at Noon PST when the auction begins. Most of the 191 auction lots will be available for viewing throughout the SVCC weekend in the ScreenUsed Auction Exhibit Hall before the simultaneous live and online auction begins at Noon PST on Sunday, April 23, 2017.

ScreenUsed has been hosting auctions and selling original film and television production memorabilia since 2003 with auctions active on their website year-round plus periodic special auctions at events like SVCC. At last year’s inaugural ScreenUsed auction during SVCC, the two most valuable items sold in the auction were Doc’s Mind Reading Helmet used by Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future which sold for $84,000 and the Surgical Laser Gun from Fantastic Voyage sold for $96,000. Nearly 200 original movie and television props and wardrobes from many iconic production will be available in the auction.


“Collectors and fans alike will find items that match their passions on our website year-round. We have daily auctions as well as a few signature auctions each year when we make available our most iconic and sought-after items.,” explained Desi DosSantos, co-founder of ScreenUsed. “We are thrilled to bring back our movie and television memorabilia auction to the fans and collectors at the second annual Silicon Valley Comic Con.”

ScreenUsed will feature many of its 191 lots at SVCC including these iconic items:
*Back to the Future – “OUTATIME” License Plate
*Back to the Future 2 – Future Hill Valley Welcome Sign
*Back to the Future 2 – Mr. Fusion
*Bicentennial Man – Andrew’s Expanded Head (Robin Williams)
*Men in Black II – Full Scale De-Neuralyzer
*Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – Original Packaging Artwork
*Robocop (2014) – Full Sized EM-208 Battle Damaged Robot
*Saw – Jigsaw’s Reverse Bear Trap
*Star Trek: The Next Generation – Commander Riker’s Starfleet Uniform (Jonathan Frakes)
*Star Wars: A New Hope – Original Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) Helmet
*Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Darth Vader Lightsaber Battle Greaves
*Starship Troopers – Full Scale Rodger Young Escape Shuttle
*Superman III – Superman’s Bodysuit (Christopher Reeve)
*The Mask – Loki’s Mask (Jim Carrey)

The full catalog of lots is available on the ScreenUsed website for preview ahead of live auction bidding at Noon PST on April 23, 2017. Most of the lots will be on display in the ScreenUsed exhibit hall during Silicon Valley Comic Con, April 21-23, 2017.

Thank you to ScreenUsed for the press release and images.

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