Rhode Island Comic Con Recap by Guest Blogger Mike Audette!

Rhode Island Comic Con Recap by Guest Blogger Mike Audette!


Where to begin!!! Saturday started off with quite the wait in line as expected. Once we got our wristbands and headed inside I was naturally gravitating towards the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion booth that was set up to the left of the entrance. The 501st had a replica of the trash compactor from A New Hope!!


That Zombie was actually a trooper and he scared the hell out of us! The 501st was running a raffle for a Stormtrooper helmet which was for Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Combined they raised over $1400 for a great cause!

After browsing some art it was time to head over to the celebrity section. There I met the one and only Peter Mayhew! I got a signed picture of Chewie, Han, Luke, and Obi-Wan in the Millennium Falcon cockpit which now resides on my desk at work!

Next up was the Four Wookiees Panel. The panel featured Peter Mayhew, Michael Kingma, Brian Muir, and John Coppenger and was hosted by Star Wars artist Kevin Liell. The four men shared stories about what it was like filming various Star Wars movies and some insights what actually goes into a real Wookiee costume! As much as Kevin tried Peter would not spill any info on Episode VII.


After that panel it was time to buy some art! If you have never been to a Con I would recommend it just to see the amazing things some artists can do. I bought a couple pieces from Rob Taylor at Herofied. You can see those over on my Instagram.


This painting was done by Kevin Liell, which was raffled off with the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. It was signed by Ray Park himself. Which leads me into our next panel. The Ray Park Q&A! This was also hosted by Kevin and briefly co-hosted by Star Wars author Ryder Windham dressed as an X-Wing pilot! Ray fielded questions about what it was like filming The Phantom Menace, those contacts were a huge difficulty to overcome while doing the fight scenes. I managed to ask him what he thought of Sam Witwer’s performance as Darth Maul in The Clone Wars and Ray thought he did a great job with the character.


Following the Ray Park Q&A we swung on by the celebrity area again. There I was able to meet Matthew Wood of Skywalker Sound and voice of General Grievous and numerous other Star Wars characters! I asked him how he felt about The Clone Wars Legacy episodes that were released on the Star Wars website and said he hasn’t had a chance to watch them all. I also asked him what else he is working on and said he is working on episodes of Rebels.


Day number 2 was much more of the same, checking out artists booths, desperately resisting the urge to buy everything! We then went on to meet Seth Gilliam of The Wire and The Walking Dead and asked him about some of his favorite scenes on The Wire which is an absolute favorite of mine. Next we attended a packed Walking Dead panel with Seth and Scott Wilson (Hershel) where the actors talked about how it feels to be part of such a popular show and their acting experiences. We left before the crowd Q&A to avoid any unwanted spoilers!

The whole weekend feels like it went by in a blur! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go to my next Con! You can always follow me on Twitter at @mike_audette and Instagram also at @mike_audette. And as always, This Is The Podcast You’re Looking For!!!

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