Review: Star Wars Insider #205, Featuring Original Fiction by Cavan Scott

Review: Star Wars Insider #205, Featuring Original Fiction by Cavan Scott

Star Wars Insider #205 hits newsstands today. You can see a rundown of the features in this issue here. Coffee With Kenobi has had the pleasure of checking out the latest issue, and will share some of the highlights in this review.

The cover story is about the scoundrel with a heart of gold, Han Solo. “Chaos and the Corellian” follows the story of Han from the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story through tales told in both comics and novels and up to his final appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Han never meant to be a hero, but at his core Han was a noble soul, loyal to his friends and loved ones, and to the cause of good in the galaxy. This appealing feature presents what we love about Han and why he’s been a fan favorite since 1977, and why his loss is so keenly felt.

Newsstand Cover

With Star Wars Visions just around the corner, Insider has several features about the anime series, the novel inspired by one of the stories, and the influence of Japanese films on George Lucas and the creation of Star Wars.

First up, in Launchpad, “A New Vision” features interviews with Star Wars Visions executive producer Josh Rimes and producer Kanako Shirasaki. They discuss the different filmmakers and studios involved in the nine stories, the things that inspired the creation of the series, and what they hope fan will take from the series. It certainly sounds like there will be much to appreciate, even if you’re not especially familiar with anime.

Next comes a look at Star Wars: Ronin, the novel inspired by the story “The Duel” from Star Wars: Visions. Written by Emma Mieko Candon, Ronin follows a nameless one-time Sith in a tale inspired by Japanese lore. (In feudal Japan, a ronin is a wandering samurai without lord or master.) Like Visions, Ronin is not bound by Star Wars continuity so it’s more free to be its own thing and enjoyed outside of the weight of canon.

Lastly, “Japan and the Jedi” examines the inspiration the films of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa have had on Star Wars since the early days of its inception. Much of this information is already known to most fans of the saga, but it’s worth shining a light on these influences again as Star Wars: Visions takes its bow on Disney+ this week.

Moving along to one of the showcases of this issue, there’s an all-new original short story by Cavan Scott. “Past Mistakes – Part One” is set during the High Republic and continues the story of Velko Jahen and the events taking place on Starlight Beacon in the wake of the Nihil attack on the Republic Fair on the planet Valo. While much of the action in the novels has taken readers to other locales, the stories in these most recent issues of Insider have worked to keep us updated on what is happening on Starlight and how the larger events in the galaxy affect those trying to keep the promised light of the Beacon alive. In “Past Mistakes,” Velko is hoping for a much needed break when she’s reunited with a face from her past, Vane Sarpo. Vane is involved in a confrontation with Jedi Master Sskeer over items he’s hoping to sell to tourists visiting Starlight Beacon. It all seems innocent enough, and Velko is able to calm the situation. But “seems” is the operative word, and Velko comes to suspect her old friend has brought trouble to Starlight Beacon. The intrigue and action taking place in these short stories, alongside the larger world of the High Republic era of storytelling, make them well-worth checking out if you haven’t done so already.

Other highlights include the second part of an interview with the producer of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Rick McCallum, wherein he talks about working with George Lucas on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, the prequels, and Red Tails, a film about the Tuskegee Airmen. There’s a fascinating interview with Nilo Rodis-Jamero, who along with Joe Johnston and Ralph McQuarrie, was instrumental in designing the look of Star Wars. A big takeaway was how much George Lucas trusted his team to interpret his ideas, with little to no real instruction. He left room for the artists to create. There’s also an exceptionally fun look at Paul Sun-Hyung Lee who plays Captain Carson Teva in the second season of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Insider #205 also brings the usual updates from the Star Wars universe, publishing, fan events, and activities. Be sure to pick up your copy today!




Thank you to Titan Publishing for providing a digital copy of this issue for review purposes.

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