Book Review: The Inquisitor’s Trap by Meredith Rusu

Book Review: The Inquisitor’s Trap by Meredith Rusu

Inquisitor's Trap

Star Wars Rebels The Inquisitor’s Trap is one of the latest children’s books from Disney publishing, and is a nice retelling of the Star Wars Rebels episode, “Rise of the Old Masters”. In the story, we meet the Inquisitor, the newest threat to the heroes of the Star Wars universe, and it is every bit a page-turner for young fans. Ezra and Kanan learn a bit more about themselves and each other as they face this imposing threat, and learn the value of teamwork and trust. Author Meredith Rusu gives just the right amount of dialogue from the episode, and fans of the series will be pleased with the result.

Pacing is important in children’s books, as there needs to be enough information to engross young minds, as well as to challenge their expectations. In the 24-page book, aimed at ages 6-8, The Inquisitor’s Trap provides just that, with beautiful images lifted right from the episode that aired on Disney XD. The vocabulary was nice to see as well, as there are some excellent word choices that will encourage children to ask their parents what is being said. The theme of teamwork and trust mentioned above continually comes through loud and clear, as the crew of the Ghost learns that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli may have survived Order 66, and Kanan reveals that they need to not only rescue her, but that she can be the “excellent teacher” Ezra needs.

Ezra fears he is a disappointment to Kanan, and worries his new Master will abandon him. Kanan, meanwhile, is struggling with his own inadequacies as a Jedi and a mentor, and together, the two must find the courage and confidence to overcome adversity and discover something greater than themselves. The Inquisitor’s Trap provides that opportunity, and it is a great lesson for children to learn. There are some genuine pulse-pounding moments in the story as well, and add to the fun of the experience.

The book also features two pages of full color stickers, with character images, logos of the Rebels and Empire, and lots of action. Children will be able to experience this great story, enjoy the pictures, and acquire some collectible stickers that are ready for action. The Inquisitor’s Trap is a fun, engaging story that will be exciting for children, and enjoyable for adults to share as well. At $4.99, it’s worth every penny, and will hopefully have your child anticipating more Star Wars, as well as reading more adventures with their loved ones.

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Note: A big thanks to Disney Publishing for providing an advanced copy to review.

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