Star Wars T-shirts from Guerrilla Tees Review

Star Wars T-shirts from Guerrilla Tees Review


I love t-shirts. I own a fair few — from Star Wars and Doctor Who, to Harry Potter, Captain America, and various other fandoms. I especially love tees with unique designs, ones that stand out and get people curious. This is a review of some distinct t-shirts I received from our current giveaway partner, Guerrilla Tees.

I was able to choose from a variety of designs, and I selected the ones pictured above. They each had something different to offer design-wise, which fulfilled my desire to have something not-quite-seen-before.


The first tee features an AT-AT, with the Millennium Falcon, a TIE fighter, and an X-wing soaring overhead. Unexpectedly, it also features a family of elephants on what looks to be the Serengeti. Not something you see in your every day Star Wars tee! I was sold!IMG_1483

I did my best to overcome the limitations of my short arms to take seflies so you can get an idea of what the shirts look like when worn by an actual person. This design is currently available in sizes for men, youths, and women, and it comes in black.


The next design is a fun one from Luke Skywalker’s homeworld of Tatooine. A Jawa takes center stage, flanked by R2-D2 and the ill-fated R5-D4. The Sandcrawler is in the background, along with the iconic twin suns. Embracing the design is an outline of C-3PO’s head. Those elements make for a nifty look when combined!

IMG_1486 IMG_1498

This tee comes in brown, and is currently available in men’s and youth’s sizes.

Lastly, I received the Endor t-shirt. The second Death Star looms menacingly above the forest moon where the Rebellion fights gallantly alongside the Ewoks to free the galaxy from tyranny. I have a soft spot for Return of the Jedi, so this will get a lot of wear!



Note: The lighting in my house accounts for the different shades of green. Both images are of the same shirt, just in different rooms. However, I really am that pink.

This shirt is available in men’s sizes and comes in either green and black.

These tees are all 100% cotton and washed up nicely in cold water (always turn your t-shirts inside out before washing to preserve the designs). I tried the shirts on when I first received them, then again after I washed them. I didn’t notice any shrinkage.

The shirts are a nice lightweight material for easy breathing on summer days. Some tees I own are a bit too heavy for when it’s hot and humid — I don’t see that being an issue here. I was also pleased with the application of the designs. The colors are vivid, and you can clearly see the details. With proper care (don’t iron directly on the designs!), I’m sure they’ll last a good, long time without fading or peeling.


I will be snipping the tags as they’re a bit itchy. Could just be me, though.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with these shirts. Highly recommended — 5/5!

Check out the Star Wars designs at Guerrilla Tees here.

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Thank you to Guerrilla Tees for providing these sample tees for review purposes.

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