Rebels Reactions: “The Occupation” and “Flight Of The Defender”

Rebels Reactions: “The Occupation” and “Flight Of The Defender”

Welcome back to Rebels Reactions! The show where Coffee With Kenobi takes an in-depth look at the hit Disney XD show, Star Wars Rebels!

In this weeks episode, host Aaron Harris is joined by André Hutchens from the Backseat Directors Podcast and David Modders as they dig into the episodes “The Occupation” and “Flight Of The Defender”.

Listen in as Aaron, André, and David discuss the crew’s return to Lothal and the impact that return has on Ezra and the crew. They also discuss Thrawn, Loth-cats, Loth-wolves, and that special moment Zeb interrupted between Kanan and Hera.

Plus, in a special discussion, the impact that the recent episode of Forces Of Destiny has on Rebels and the future of the heroes! #ChopperLives!

Check out the show below and remember, this is the podcast you’re looking for!

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