Rebels Junior Novelization Book Reviews

Rebels Junior Novelization Book Reviews


It’s no surprise that with new Star Wars comes new merchandising. Star Wars is known to reach out in various ways to engage all fans at any age with all kinds of toys, licensing, video games, apps, and books to name a few. With their latest installment of Star Wars Rebels, on the Disney XD channel, this new era into the Star Wars saga has introduced some exciting new characters. Lucasfilm was gracious enough to send some early age reading books our way and the materials couldn’t have been better suited for a couple of little Rebels of my own. What follows are a few reviews from my two eldest sons. If you’re looking to introduce the new series to your little fan, you might want to check these out!


Star Wars Rebels – Zeb to the Rescue – Level 1 Reader

Review by Noah Clubb – age 7

It was a good book. I liked that Zeb stands up for the Rebels. The book was easy to read for my age group. I thought Zeb was cool and really liked his weapon, the bo-rifle. I liked when Zeb knocked the two Stormtroopers heads together. It was funny.

Then the Troopers tried to get him and he got his bo-rifle out and zapped them. The ship blew up near where Zeb was fighting. By this, Kanan, knew Zeb had gotten into a battle.

This is a good book if you are looking to get to know Zeb. I’m excited to see what Zeb does next. He is my favorite character on Star Wars Rebels!

Purchase the book here: Zeb to the Rescue


Star War Rebels – Ezra and the Pilot – Level 2 Reader

Review by Noah Clubb – age 7

In this book, the first part explains were Ezra lives. He lives by himself. To me that would make me feel sorta sad because I would not have anybody to play with or train how to live. Although, Ezra is ok with living alone. He knows how to take take of himself. The Empire has control over Lothal. Ezra doesn’t like that the Empire are bullies. If the Empire had control over where I lived it would make me mad too.

One day a TIE fighter got shot down near where Ezra lived. Ezra went to investigate. He found the pilot and tired to help him. The pilot was angry and rude. That would make feel mad, I was just trying to help and he was not trying to be nice to me.

In the book Ezra decided to teach the pilot a lesson. He stole a part and the pilot’s helmet. The pilot became even angrier and targeted Ezra with the TIE’s cannons. The pilot fired but missed.

Ezra used his special sling shot and the blast knocked out the pilot. Ezra kept the helmet for his collection. If I could have a helmet from the Empire, I would pick Darth Vader’s.

This was a fun book and I think Ezra makes good choices because he tries to do good and make friends.

Both of these books are really good, but Zeb and Ezra are not really good buddies. I am interested to see how their relationship will grow during the TV series.

Purchase the book here: Ezra and the Pilot


Star Wars Rebels – Rise of the Rebels

Review by Wesley Clubb age 9

I thought Rise of the Rebels was a good book. It followed the character clips that I saw online. The details were better described in the book for each character in my opinion. My favorite character from the book was Ezra Bridger because his part had the most action. Ezra was very sneaky in using his skills against a TIE fighter pilot. I also liked the part of the book with Zeb. In that one he really did great job of taking down the Stormtroopers. The part with Kanan and Hera was funny because they yelled at Chopper. I like Chopper’s personality. Sabine was another character I liked in this book. I didn’t realize that the Rebel’s symbol, that she paints, is a bird, that was cool.

A few things I disliked about the book was Zeb’s name, it was difficult to pronounce. I wish they would have added more about the Inquisitor. He’s not in the book at all. Some of the pages were designed with paint splatters, I thought that was cool, but only should have been used for Sabine’s chapter. They could have used different designs for each character. For example Kanan could have had a picture of the Ghost ship. Although, I did like how the rest of the book was laid out with pictures of the characters along with each of their chapters. I would also suggest they could have had Ezra with his lightsaber on the cover.

I would recommend this book to kids my own age or seven years old and up who are interested in Star Wars Rebels. I look forward to other Rebels books and think it would interesting if they based them off of the series episodes.

Purchase the book here: Rise of the Rebels

Note: Thank you to Disney and Lucasfilm Press for providing the books to review.

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