Rebel Legion’s Star Wars Webathon “Rebelthon” Returns May 21

Rebel Legion’s Star Wars Webathon “Rebelthon” Returns May 21

The premier webathon event of the Star Wars costuming community is back for another year! The Rebel Legion’s hugely successful Rebelthon returns to the Galaxy on May 21st at 9 PM UTC (5 PM Eastern Daylight Time), streaming for free on Facebook and YouTube. It will feature:

● Over 24 hours of original video content featuring 30+ actors, authors, artists, costume designers, and other notable guests interviewed by members of The Rebel Legion.

● Last year the event raised $10,000+ for UNICEF, and this year we hope to break $15,000+.

● Our fundraiser can be found here:

Rebelthon is a video streaming webathon fundraiser created by international fan-based volunteer organization, The Rebel Legion, to benefit UNICEF. The event started in 2020 as a response to club members looking for a way to connect during the pandemic and to provide much-needed support to charity and the community. Fueled by the passionate global membership of The Rebel Legion, Rebelthon 2020 featured Star Wars celebrity & fan interviews along with engaging member submitted content. Rebelthon Strikes Back, our May 21, 2021 signature event, will feature even more exciting in-depth interviews with guests from:

● All three Star Wars trilogies

● The standalone anthology movies

● The Mandalorian

● The Clone Wars

● Rebels

● Jedi: Fallen Order

● Arts & Literature (The High Republic, Star Wars Insider, audiobooks, reference books, and more from both Legends and Disney era authors)

About The Rebel Legion

The Rebel Legion is a global charity costuming organization focused on the “good guy” characters of Star Wars. We work under the guidance of Lucasfilm to provide costumed characters at a wide variety of charity and community events around the world. We have approximately 8,000 members in 50 countries that cover every continent but Antarctica.

Due to COVID, we have adapted our charity efforts to virtual events. Last year we kicked this off with a very successful webathon, “Rebelthon,” in May to benefit UNICEF’s emergency COVID aid efforts. In November we also hosted “Rebel Reads,” which celebrated Star Wars Reads month and raised funds for UNICEF’s work in education across the globe.

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