Read Dan Z’s New Installment of ‘Studying Skywalkers’ on the Official Star Wars Blog!

Read Dan Z’s New Installment of ‘Studying Skywalkers’ on the Official Star Wars Blog!


CWK co-host Dan Z has the next in his series “Studying Skywalkers” posted on the Official Star Wars Blog. In this installment, Dan continues his look at the significance of meals in the galaxy far, far away – This time focusing on the Prequel Trilogy.

Here’s a brief taste:

In November, I looked at the original trilogy and the significance of meals; sharing in sustenance is important in literature and film, and encourages the audience to realize that something important is going on. This is also prescient in the prequel trilogy, with many examples that demonstrate the important character moments and themes present in Episodes I, II, and III.

Hungry for more? You can read the rest of this entry over at

You can read Dan’s previous entries right here.

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  1. Melinda
    February 2, 2015 at 08:07 Reply

    Dan, I enjoyed your musings about the significance of meals in the OT back in November. Likewise, I found what you had to say about the role of mealtime in the PT to be interesting and informative. I do have one query, however …

    Regarding the meal Qui-Gon, Padme and Jar Jar share with Anakin and his mother: The discussion at the table revolved around finding a way for the entourage to get off Tatooine, not taking Anakin to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi. Yes, Qui-Gon’s thoughtful facial expression at the end of the meal may have inferred he was thinking about just that, especially after surmising that Anakin could sense events before they happen — a Jedi trait. However, It wasn’t until later in the film — out on the hovel’s balcony — when Qui-Gon posed that possibility. Did you get something out of that mealtime scene that I missed?

    That is a most intriguing take on Darth Vader’s rise at the end of “Revenge of the Sith”. Laid out as he was on a table (albeit a medical/operating table), he was “offered up” as his new persona just as food would be offered at a dinner table. That’s a fascinating take on that scene. 🙂 Quite frankly, I never considered this inference. I concluded, upon watching that pivotal scene, that the tilting table was used merely as a means to make it easier for the new machine-more-than-man Darth Vader to disembark, much the same as a chiropractor’s table tilts to assist patients (thankfully!) with mobility issues get on and off so they can be treated. Now, I have an additional way to approach this ROTS scene. Thank you! 🙂

    As always, a great read! 😀

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