Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head Product Review

Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head Product Review

Last year, I had the good fortune to review the R2-D2 shower head from Oxygenics. It’s a great little item that’s a fully functional nod to Star Wars right where you wouldn’t expect to find it — in your shower!

This year, I was able to review Oxygenics’ Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head. It’s been a very long time since I used a handheld shower head, so I was interested in seeing just how ‘handy’ it was. Also, one thing I noticed after installation, the shower had seemed to ride pretty high, and I was afraid it might be out of my reach since I’m only 5′ tall. Just how convenient would it be for someone like me?

I’m happy to report it was very convenient! I had no difficulty reaching the shower head, and using the handheld feature was just like riding a bike. In fact, there is even a lever that allows you to pause the flow of water should you need to adjust the pressure settings, which is helpful in keeping water from flying all over the place while the shower head is in your hand (something that kept me from using handhelds for the longest time). The shower head is also lightweight, while still being solidly constructed. It’s a cinch to handle!

There a three settings for the Darth Vader shower head, each one easily accessed by simply turning the Vader’s helmet from side to side. Each setting clicks into place, so you know when to stop turning. Water streams from Vader’s eyes, and also from around his face depending on the setting. I have to say, it looks pretty cool! A few times, I caught myself smiling when looking up at the shower head. It makes for a unique showering experience!

Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head Features:

• Convenient comfort control lever easily adjusts pressure for sensitive bathers.
• Non-slip rubber grip means no more fumbling with a slippery, soapy hand.
• 72″ hose adds length for easy cleaning in hard to reach places.
• Quality materials and superior construction ensure long-lasting performance.

Full disclosure time: We recently had our first snowfall here in the Chicagoland area. In my excitement to go walking in the winter wonderland, I slipped and fell — hard. As a result, I’m pretty sore from my seat, through my back, and up into my neck. Why am I telling you this? Because standing under my Dark Lord of the Sith shower head was soothing and helped ease some of my discomfort. Honestly, I could have stood under the third setting (which offers a gentle massage) for the rest of the day. It felt that good on my aches and pains.

Here is a PDF outlining the specs of the Darth Vader shower head from Oxygenics.

I mentioned installation a bit earlier. Like the R2-D2 shower head before it, the Vader shower head is a snap to install. No tools, just your fingers. It took me less than five minutes to remove my previous shower head and install this new one. There is an instruction pamphlet, but the installation is very intuitive. Anyone can do it.

Here are some of my personal images (click for full size):

And a few official images from Oxygenics:

The Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head is available for a limited time at Bed Bath & Beyond — just in time for Vader’s return in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If you’d like one for yourself or anyone else who would appreciate a great shower experience with a Star Wars twist, don’t delay!

Hey! Would you like the chance to win the Darth Vader shower head? Stay tuned for an all-new Coffee With Kenobi giveaway! Details tomorrow….

Thank you to Oxygenics for providing the Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head for review purposes.

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