Onnit Star Wars Fitness Equipment Review

Onnit Star Wars Fitness Equipment Review

Onnit Star Wars Fitness Equipment Review by Jay Krebs

There are unarguably thousands of pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. It can be a daunting task to choose the right tool for the results you seek. So many factors: overall fitness goals, budget, product quality/reviews, storage space, ease of use, versatility, and many more go into ultimately choosing what is most beneficial for each of us.

Fitness has always been an important part of my personal lifestyle, and now that I’m 48, I really value being able to incorporate equipment into my workouts that help supplement my established running routine, are easy to use, won’t break the bank, and will be something I will stick to using long-term. “Fun Factor” is always a bonus, too!

Enter Onnit fitness. I first became aware of the company through an Instagram sponsored ad last November, when they first teased about their line of Star Wars Fitness Equipment to be soon released. Of course, I instantly became interested – any time I can combine working out with Star Wars is a win-win for me!

Image: Onnit

I was able to obtain a two pieces from their Star Wars collection: The Death Star 20 pound Slam Ball, and the Solo Yoga Mat. As a bonus (albeit an initial error in shipping), I also received a 7-pound mace from Onnit’s steel mace collection. The fine folks at Onnit let me keep the mace as compensation for the initial shipping error on the yoga mat! Awesome!

There is also a line of Star Wars kettlebells available on the site, so be sure to check those out, too!

Image: Onnit

Let’s back up a bit and talk about the company, then we’ll get into the product specs and my reactions:

Onnit’s overall mission and philosophy focuses on what they call “total human optimization,” which is achieved by providing our human bodies with “a combination of strength, endurance and dexterity (products) to function at their best. Our lifestyles require alert attention, diligence, and supreme stress management. With the demands on modern humanity, we need all the help we can get, and Onnit is there to provide the tools and inspiration to help our fellow humans thrive in this ever-evolving world.

There are many products on the site, catering to goals in exercise, nutrition, apparel, and supplements. There is even a grocery guide on the site, presented by Onnit’s own in-house chef, where visitors can learn about how specific foods can be utilized for optimal nutrition and fuel for wellness. Onnit’s CEO, Aubrey Marcus, also provides a podcast “dedicated to exploring and expanding human happiness and consciousness.” To learn more about the company and its history, culture and future goals, visit the about page on the site.

Onnit does provide a military discount on all their products. They accept a variety of payments, and offer several discounts and incentives for things like listening in on the podcast and/or inviting a friend to try their products.

Now, let’s jump into the products!

Death Star Slam Ball Product Description and Specs (from the website):

Image: Onnit

“That’s no moon …… but it’s no medicine ball either.
A slam ball is a weighted fitness ball which can be used in a variety of exercises aimed at increasing explosive power and speed. Great for traditional medicine ball movements like overhead slams and squats, as well as more modern uses like wall ball training. The constant dropping, throwing, and slamming a traditional medicine ball suffers inevitably takes a toll on the ball itself. The Death Star Slam ball is made of incredibly strong and dense polyurethane rubber, giving it supreme defense against any rebel attack. The Death Star Slam Ball is truly a technical terror that has been constructed with no weaknesses (that we know of).

At 10” diameter, and weighing in at 20lbs, this slam ball is designed to be used by anyone looking to increase their power and speed. The surface detail of the trenches and ridges on the Death Star Slam Ball not only look incredibly cool, they provide additional grip to help you maintain control off the ball during intense workouts.”

Price: $74.95 plus tax and shipping.

Image: Onnit

My reaction/experience:

I had never used a slam ball before, so I was very excited to try this exercise, especially since I got to throw the Death Star on the ground over and over again (that’s for you, Bothans and Alderaanians)! At first, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of using a 20lb ball, but after the very helpful tutorial and video on the site, I was soon slamming that battle station like a pro!

Action shot! A bit blurry, but that Death Star is going DOWN!!

It’s a simple, yet very effective full-body workout. The surface material and ridges really do make it easy to lift and maintain control during the workout, and the bounce was indeed very minimal. I started out with three sets of 20 slams, and it really did work my stamina and strength.

Before the unboxing!

Solo Mat Product Description and Specs (from the website):

Image: Onnit

“We know, you love this yoga mat.
Han Solo, quite literally the coolest guy in the galaxy, frozen forever in carbonite….now on a yoga mat. This iconic image of everyone’s favorite scoundrel has been printed using a special process that allows for high-resolution imagery without compromising the integrity of the mat’s grip. Take home the ultimate bounty, flawlessly represented as Jabba the Hut’s favorite palace decoration.
Constructed of high quality polyurethane rubber, this reversible, non-slip mat absorbs moisture, holds grip supremely, and at 5mm thick, has just the right amount of cushion.

Width: 650mm (25.59”)
Length: 1800mm (70.86”)
Thickness: 5mm (almost ¼”)

Price: $64.95 plus tax and shipping

Before the unboxing

Care instructions insert

Printed label on reverse side of mat

My reaction/experience:

This really is a high quality yoga mat. I am truly a yoga novice, but I do some basic poses and have traditionally used the yoga mats I own for stretching and post-workout cool-down and relaxation.


Han at my house!

Mat strap as packaged

This mat is very cushy, and the surface area is very large. The grip performed well on my concrete basement floor without slipping, and I also tried it on a carpet remnant I have in my workout area, and it performed great there as well. The mat comes with a Star Wars-labeled carrying strap, so making it easy to take on-the-go to whatever yoga studio or friends’ house you may visit. The polyurethane rubber seems very durable as well.

Ready to travel!

I will admit, at first the image of Han in carbonite, frozen in expression and facing me was a bit creepy. I had to get over my laughter of performing stretches and poses, and thinking about that “one scene” in “Robot Chicken between Boba Fett and frozen Han, but once I did, I’ve had great yoga and stretching sessions ever since! I also tried the reverse side, and it grips just as well. I imagine this will be a mat I will use for many years to come.

Hello, Han!

Bonus product: 7lb steel mace – Product description and specs (from the website):

“With an extremely disproportionate weight displacement many normal movements prove quite challenging and beneficial to the myriad of stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints and primary power centers. The mace is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength, and is a steel testament to one’s desire to take fitness back to its primal roots.”

Image: Onnit

Price: $27.95 – $92.95 depending on weight, plus tax and shipping.

This is another fitness product with which I had absolutely no experience, but I was able to quickly perform a variety of workouts with this mace, thanks to the tutorial and videos on the website. There is also the “Ultimate Steel Mace Workout” on the site, which I have not tried yet, but I do plan to!

There are various weights of maces, ranging from 7lb to 25lb, and the design of the mace forces the user to counterbalance the steel ball on the end, resulting in a change in the way I had to think about positioning my center of gravity and balance. It really did make me use my muscles in new and different ways, calling upon unique muscular/skeletal performance. It is another great full-body workout. It’s a very simple design, but the variety of exercises and focal points of work has quickly made this piece a fast favorite in my workout arsenal. It is a smooth steel, with a textured grip on the opposite end of the ball. I do wear workout gloves when I use it, because the texturing gave me some uncomfortable rubbed spots on the more tender areas of my grip after the first time I used it.

Image: Onnit

Overall, I love using this product. It’s fun, versatile, and I really do feel like a warrior when I use it! I’m so glad Onnit let me keep it!! I’ve been using it for about three weeks now, and can definitely notice positive firmness/definition changes in my arms and back muscles.

Final Reactions and Ratings:

Slam Ball: Great, full-body workout and simple to perform movements.
Yoga Mat: Cushy and grippy, large “work area,” and who doesn’t love Han?! Carry strap a definite plus.
Steel Mace: I absolutely love it!! Versatile, easy to use and great results. It’s the workout tool I never knew I always wanted!

Summary: I would highly recommend all of these products. I’m SO glad I found this company. Onnit’s products are of very high quality and their website is extremely educational and informative. The people on staff are extremely helpful and quick to respond with any and all questions/concerns I had.

One disclaimer – of course, you should ALWAYS be sure to talk to a health/medical professional before starting ANY exercise program. Your health history, prior experience and fitness level will all affect how these pieces of equipment may impact you personally. My statements and opinions are of my own experiences, and are not supported or endorsed by any medical professional or other entity.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you own any of these items, or have you had any prior experience with any of Onnit’s products? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts!

HUGE thanks to Onnit for providing me with these fine products to review!

Please leave any comments or questions below, or you can contact me on my Twitter page, OR one of my many social media accounts (see below)!

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