One Month of Denuo Novo and a Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Soon

One Month of Denuo Novo and a Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Soon

Here’s the latest update from our friends at Denuo Novo as they celebrate their first milestone!

It’s been one month since the launch of Denuo Novo, the new licensee for high-end Star Wars costumes and collectibles!

In the month since launch we released four Star Wars helmet accessories and two hat accessories:

  • Imperial Royal Guard Helmet
  • First Order Flametrooper Helmet
  • Rogue One Shoretrooper Helmet
  • The Mandalorian Helmet
  • Imperial Officer Hat in Black
  • Imperial Officer Hat in Olive/Gray

You can see the collection here:

Here is a look at what’s COMING SOON from Denuo Novo:

  • Elite Praetorian Guard helmet accessory
  • Han Solo “A New Hope” Ensemble – Shirt, Pants, Vest and Belt
  • Imperial Officer Belt and Belt Buckle
  • Han Solo Belt Buckle
  • Rogue One AT-ACT Driver Helmet
  • Han Solo “The Force Awakens” Jacket

Also slated for early 2022 are five X-wing helmets:

  • Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot
  • Blue Leader General Merrick
  • Gold Leader
  • Red Leader
  • Rey Salvaged X-wing

And much, much more!

Thank you to Denuo Novo for the press release and images.

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