New Excerpts from the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Expanded Edition Novelization

New Excerpts from the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Expanded Edition Novelization has shared three new excerpts from the upcoming expanded edition novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty. These new excerpts focus on scenes that were not in the film, including Han’s time in the Imperial Navy (found here). This week the focus shifts to Qi’ra, L3-37, and a connection to Rogue One.

The first excerpt, featuring Qi’ra and Lady Proxima, can be found below. You can read the rest, and listen to exclusive audio clips, on

It’s pretty obvious when Han is reunited with Qi’ra on Dryden Vos’ yacht that she hasn’t had an easy time of things. You can sense that there’s tragedy behind her smile. But what exactly happened when she was brought back to Lady Proxima after Moloch tore her away from Han at the Corellia spaceport? Our excerpt answers the question….

Lady Proxima rose from her pool, looking more horrid than ever. The scrumrats had put a heavy tarp over the broken win­dow, but it didn’t block all sunlight, and Qi’ra had already seen what just a small exposure could do. Thus, Lady Proxima was only receiving guests at night now.

She still wore her bangles and armor. At first Qi’ra thought she was vain and hadn’t wanted to remove them, but then she noticed with horror that many of her rings had become embed­ded in the blistered skin. It had to be painful to have them there, but it would have been excruciating to remove them.

“Qi’ra. I had such hopes for you,” Lady Proxima said. “You are quick on your feet. You think fast. You plan better than any scrumrat in this place. I wish you could have stayed with me.”

“I serve only—” Qi’ra said, bowing her head.

“No more lies,” Lady Proxima screamed, startling Qi’ra. “You will not speak again. Not to apologize, not to sweet-talk me, not to get out of this. I should tear your tongue out for what you’ve done. But he wants your tongue intact.”

Qi’ra swallowed her fear, wondering whether to worry more about the tongue threat, or who “he” was. She nodded obedi­ently.

“I have sold you to a slave dealer,” Lady Proxima said, almost conversationally, and Qi’ra’s heart sank. “You did not fetch a good price; disobedience is considered a very bad quality for a slave. But your other attributes were enough to interest him. I have full confidence that he will scour the fight right out of you.”

He didn’t. But soon, Qi’ra was sold again to a different mas­ter: Dryden Vos.

The first year was hell, with numerous escape attempts and beatings. Nothing would break her spirit, nothing would stop her from trying to get free.

But one night everything changed. She had killed her guard and made it as far as an escape pod in Dryden Vos’s star yacht. She hadn’t expected Dryden to be there waiting for her, his face black with rage.

“My Qi’ra,” he said sadly, the red veins in his face slowly fad­ing. “We have reached an impasse. I paid a fair price for you, and you have cost me far more in guards, property, and sanity.”

Qi’ra cast around for a weapon or anything she could use as one.

“Please,” Vos said, making a face that indicated she was being ridiculous. “You wouldn’t last the length of a breath.”

He appraised her, looking her up and down. Qi’ra didn’t flinch. She was used to men looking at her like that; usually it gave her power, it made them underestimate her, but Dryden simply looked as if he were assessing meat at a market.

“What do you want, Qi’ra? What were you looking for when you were trying to leave Corellia?”

She nearly laughed in disbelief. Was he really asking that? “Why does any trapped animal run for an open door?” she asked. “Freedom.”

“Freedom,” he said, nodding. “But you will never be free. You will be with the Crimson Dawn—with me—or you will die. But you did gain something, or have you not noticed?” She frowned in confusion. “You made it off Corellia. You don’t have to cater to those disgusting sewer dwellers. You can have the finest things. You can work with me, Qi’ra, not just as my slave. There are opportunities here if you just open your eyes to them.”

Qi’ra narrowed her eyes. “Why?” she asked. “Why would you suddenly trust me? As you said, I’ve cost you quite a bit in guards and property. Why now?”

“The dead guard in your room is precisely why,” he said, step­ping toward her, flexing his fists. “Let’s talk about your poten­tial.

Solo: A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty will be released on September 4. It’s available to preorder now from Amazon.


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