‘Muppet Guys Talking’ Live Premiere Party this Friday!

‘Muppet Guys Talking’ Live Premiere Party this Friday!

The documentary feature directed by Frank Oz, Muppet Guys Talking, premieres Friday, March 16, and we’re all invited to the LIVE premiere party being held on Facebook. The documentary goes behind the scenes of The Muppets with original performers Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill, Dave Goelz, Bill Barretta, and Frank Oz. If you grew up with The Muppets, or developed a love for those legendary characters over the intervening years, you won’t want to miss Muppet Guys Talking!

Find out more about this exciting event below:

Muppet Guys Talking

Worldwide Online Premiere Party

Join the Guys from Muppet Guys Talking

Dave Goelz, Bill Barretta, Fran Brill, Frank Oz


with Special Guests…

Friday, March 16


You know at the typical movie premiere the journalists get direct access to the stars while us lowlies have to stand across the street just hoping to get a glimpse?

We’re flipping that on its head.

Friday, March 16 we’re inviting YOU — no, not you media—YOU!…to an…

Online LIVE PREMIERE PARTY for our movie on our Facebook page.

We’ll be on there LIVE taking selected questions from you, talking about the film, and even hosting special guests.

When: Friday, March 16
Where: Facebook.com/MuppetGuysTalking
Time: Click here to find YOUR time


Click Here to RSVP On Twitter

You can find out more about Muppet Guys Talking, view the trailer, and sign up for email updates at muppetguystalking.com.

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